On our website, we install banner advertising slot in the lower page.
You see the following, and apply for person that advertisement publication is hoped for.

Standard of banner

Size : 50 pixels of 200 pixels of wide X length
Format  : gif or jpeg format
Capacity  : Less than 15KB

Publication period and publication charges

During period to place advertisement, we raise advertisement publications of unit (only as for 2 patterns) and one month unit (we do the end of the month with one month from the beginning of a month) "from October through March" "from April through September" for six months. As for the rate, unit is advantageous for six months.
In addition, from application to publication start, it almost takes one month.

Rate (tax-excluded price)

  1. Data registration fee
    3,000 yen (it occurs only at the time of the first time and contents change)
  2. Six months unit publication rate
    Member 60,000 yen
    Support member (supporting member) 66,000 yen
    Nonmember 72,000 yen
  3. One month unit publication rate
    Member 12,000 yen
    Support member (supporting member) 13,200 yen
    Nonmember 14,400 yen

※Member points to member of Koto City Tourism Association.

※For more details, please see summary, specifications.

Application, reference

General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association
〒The 135-0016 4-5-18, Touyo, Koutou-ku Koto City industrial hall
TEL: 03-6458-7400