[the end] The 34th Koto Fireworks Display

Attractive aspects of all kinds, Koto City. Sightseeing photographic contest 2015 prize-winning work "summer bloom"

Summer feature "Koto Fireworks Display" of Koto City.
About 4,000 fireworks color night sky and waterside.

It is summer feature with crowd of about 350,000 every year.
To Arakawa, Sunamachi waterside park of launching place and main venue, only 150m leaves and can look at magnificent fireworks from point-blank range.

We spread seat in open space of lawn and favorite place including building a breakwater and can visit, and a feeling of enjoying the cool breeze is plentiful, and figure that fireworks washed ashore shine in surface of a river of Arakawa is city of attractive waters, Koto Nara.

It is fireworks festival to be able to enjoy in various places of return that the start time of launching works for 19:40.

The number of the launching: About 4,000

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Period Monday, August 1, 2016
Holding time From 19:30 to 20:30 (the launching start time: at 19:40)
Holding place Arakawa, Sunamachi waterside park (8-22, Higashisuna, Koutou-ku frontage)
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Minami-Sunamachi Station" 2A or Exit 3 15-minute walk
Sponsor Koto Fireworks Display executive committee
Reference Koto City Office area promotion section inhabitant of a ward interchange charge
Telephone: 03-3647-4963 ※Weekdays from 8:30 to 17:15
URL concerned https://www.city.koto.lg.jp/ (Koto City homepage)
Remarks Verboten
・Place collecting empty before the day before (it disturbs the construction and might damage lawn)
・Place collecting using spray (we prohibit to damage lawn)
・Flight act of small robot plane (drones)
・Loud voice and behavior that are a nuisance to rotation
・Carry-on of dangerous materials
・Use such as toy fireworks
・Business acts such as branch of stall, sale or distribution of article
・Annoying parking to around venue road
・Approach in venue with vehicle except the person concerned