[the end] River Festa Koto Fireworks Display 2016

As forecast of rainy weather was given, all the programs of this event were called off.
※Regardless of conduct having Koto Fireworks Display or not, this event is called off.
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From (http://hinomarusuns.com/blocks/index/00012)]

In Former Nakagawa river station, we put together on Monday, August 1 when Koto Fireworks Display is held, and "river Festa Koto Fireworks Display 2016" is held.

This event reaches the fourth in this year and can visit Koto Fireworks Display which is summer feature of Koto City from waterside and Former Nakagawa river station that green is comfortable.

Special service of amphibious bus "sky duck" is carried out let alone refreshment stand and stage on the day of the event, too.

Gangs were different in Former Nakagawa river station; do not enjoy the cool of the evening?

[river Festa Koto Fireworks Display 2016]
The date and time: Monday, August 1, 2016 16:00~20:30
Venue: Around Former Nakagawa river station picture in watercolors terrace (9-10, Ojima, Koutou-ku)

◇The sky duck special waterway service service


 Adult 1,000 yen / Child (4 years old - 12 years old) 500 yen

Service schedule

①16:40 ② 17:00 ③ 17:20 ④ 17:40 ⑤ 18:00 (five flights in total)

About ticketing

Sale time: On the day we start at 15:00 (first-come-first-served basis, advance reservations impossibility)
Sale place: In station, the picture in watercolors terrace of river

※Service time of the sky duck may become change, cancellation in consideration of security by weather, the wind velocity of the day.
※It is service only for waterway. There is no land route service.

Ojima Nakanohashi Shopping Street promotion association, the Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry㈱
Period Monday, August 1, 2016
Holding time 16:00~20:30
(as for the Koto Fireworks Display plan of 19:40-20:30)
Holding place Around Former Nakagawa river station picture in watercolors terrace (9-10, Ojima, Koutou-ku)
Reference River station picture in watercolors terrace (business hours from 10:00 to 17:00) telephone: 03-3681-5100
URL concerned http://koto-kanko.jp/event/detail.php?eid=105 (we add page of the 34th Koto Fireworks Display, and please see.)