[the end] Natural school in touring & cruising + waterside feeling wind of Koto

We can sense nature bodily in the downtown area and invite 30 people to program to enjoy wind and the view of waterside.
To community cycle, shall we go to be had river wind?

River wind touring & Cruise
Bicycle is parked after touring (cycling) to Clover bridge through Yokojyukkengawa Water Park using community cycle in Clover bridge boarding ground by Koto City Office. We get on boat and enjoy cruise in Onagigawa River to Former Nakagawa river station boarding ground.
Natural school in the waterside
After having got off in Former Nakagawa river station boarding ground, please enjoy performance and refreshment stand of waterside, work classroom in "picture in watercolors festival" held other than programs such as nature experiences that there is in opening cafe and the downtown area of Indian tent in "natural school held in Former Nakagawa river station in the waterside" on the same day at station of river freely.
But warn not to be late for the start on a voyage time of Cruise ship return journey from Clover bridge boarding ground.
[Cruise ship navigation plan]
Service service
Clover bridge boarding ground
(outward trip)
Former Nakagawa river station boarding ground
(return journey)
Clover bridge boarding ground
The first flight
10:30 ()
10:55 (wear)

 12:00 ()
12:15 (wear)
The second flight
13:00 ()
13:25 (wear)

14:30 ()
14:45 (wear)
The third flight
15:30 ()

15:55 (wear)(only as for the outward trip)
(only as for the outward trip)

Natural school in touring & cruising + waterside feeling wind of Koto

On the date

Saturday, September 10, 2016 9:30-17:00


Please see the lower berth about application.

※This business receives the furtherance by turnout creation business of waterside of Tokyo Tours foundation and carries out.
Period The end of the receptionist
Saturday, September 10, 2016 9:30-17:00
Holding time <participant meeting time>
①First group 9:30, ② second group 12:00, ③ third group 14:30
Holding place <participant meeting place>
Koto City Office south side community cycle port
(4-11-28, Toyo: intersection Tohoku corner of Yotsume-dori St. and community road)
※We explain in the use plan of community cycle and instructions of the day (about 30 minutes)
The offer number of people ①Each ten ,②,③ groups (application order)
It is targeted for application (1)Residence place, the working attending school ground are not limited in ward.
(2)It is necessary for height to be 145 centimeters or more as condition of use of community cycle.
(3) Minor needs companion (to one) of protector.
(4)Have personal e-mail address and cell-phone.
Prices Free of charge
Application method Apply for contents of next ①-⑦ after mention in email or double postal card to the following address. (application start: from Thursday, August 25, 2016)
Participation applicant (when protector is accompanied)
②Full name (furigana)
⑤Cell-phone number
⑥E-mail address
⑦Desired time (overlap impossibility)

[application] General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association
Email: ctc-info@koto-kanko.jp
Double postal card: The 〒 135-0016 4-5-18, Touyo, Koutou-ku Koto City industrial hall
Reference General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association
Telephone: 03-6458-7400
Email: ctc-info@koto-kanko.jp
Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Remarks (1)Koto City Tourism Association offers daily pass (IC card) to use community cycle. Prior procedure of customer is unnecessary.
(2) Please reply questionnaires such as impressions that you participated in in "natural school of the Kyu-Nakagawa banks of a river in the waterside".
(3) Please send portable photographs such as scenes left in impression of the day of the event participation by email.
(4) It is to (2), (3) mentioned above and leaves event and does not need to come back to Clover bridge. Please let receptionist of river station boarding ground tent know so beforehand.
(5) When we come back to Clover bridge boarding ground and are moved to returns using community cycle again, you convey that you use community cycle at reception desk of Clover Bridge boarding ground, and please return.