[the end] Folk entertainment display

Traditional arts such as lumber-carriers' work songs of having the strength of the horse, Kiba of river-conveyance lumberjack, Fukagawa of Kiba are shown in the metropolitan Kiba Park which is venue of the festival on Sunday, October 16 to be after two days of one of the Koto Citizens' Festival center Festival.
The traditional skill that we cannot usually see. Please see after visit by all means!

Support: Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

■Venue, time, program

[the first venue ◇ entrance open space]

○Meeting musical accompaniment

From 11:00 to 12:30
○River-conveyance lumberjack of Kiba
Pastime of work to make wood which we floated on waterside to raft increases many techniques and develops

[the second venue ◇ contact open space north area]

○Meeting musical accompaniment

From 13:00 to 13:40
○Lumber-carriers' work song of Kiba
In labor song when rafter (Kawanami) of Kiba handled wood, we put impromptu poetry like shout and sang.
○Lumber-carriers' work song prayer to Buddha of Kiba
It is Hyakumanben Nenbutsu that people called Eitai scheme handle large beads when friend had misfortune and advocated.
From 13:45 to 14:40
○Sand village musical accompaniment, lion dance
As for sand village musical accompaniment, Shinto priesthood tells farmer musical accompaniment, and be reported that that spread out
We are. It is one of the festival music of the Edo neighborhood.
○Festival dance of Yahata, Tomioka
It is ritsu by jacket towarajibakitoiu wearing men's clothes of shoulder discharge dyeing to man's topknot at the top of mikoshi line
We parade in te, lumber-carriers' work song.
From 14:50 to 15:45
○Having the strength of the horse of Fukagawa
For pastime which occurred from transportation such as bag of rice or sake barrel, increase many power pride, with entertainment
We did and developed.

※It is indication in start, the end time for performance and may be mixed up.
※We may cancel performance in case of rain.
※For more information about figures of venue, please confirm in the lower berth URL (website of the 34th Koto Citizens' Festival center Festival).
Period Sunday, October 16, 2016
Holding place Metropolitan Kiba Park entrance open space (river-conveyance lumberjack Pond), contact open space (4-1, Kiba)
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kiba Station" Exit 3 5-minute walk
Reference Person in charge of Koto City Cultural and Tourism Division cultural assets 03-3647-9819
URL concerned http://www.koto-kuminmaturi.jp/ (website of the 34th Koto Citizens' Festival center Festival)