[the end] Event held in Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome November

We skywalk in tropical large greenhouse

We will introduce held event in November of Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome.

School of herb

The 65th "leaf dyeing senior of loquat" << need reservations >>
Salmon pink-colored dyeing.
* The date and time: Sunday, November 6 10:00-12:00
* Object: More than junior high student
* Entrance fee: 1,500 yen (road according to admission charges)
* Belonging: My cup (we drink herb tea), apron
* Application: From Wednesday, October 5

Creature exhibition of Amazon Basin
It is ... from the treasure house of ... biological diversity Andes to the Amazon tropical rain forest

"The Amazon tropical rain forest" proud of the world's largest area in held interior of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics Paralympics of Brazil spreads and is said with treasure house of biological diversity. From the Andes of branch to the Amazon tropical rain forest, we introduce beautiful, mysterious creatures seen in Amazon Basin.
○Period: From Tuesday, November 8 to Sunday, November 27
○Cooperation: paupauakuagaden Ginza store/evolution living thing research institute

School in the forest

The 125th "acorn craft" << need reservations >>
Craft classroom using acorn.
* The date and time: Saturday, November 12 10:00-12:00
○Entrance fee: 300 yen
○Object: Primary schoolchild 1-6 years student
○Belonging: Identification of participation (only as for the person you have) ※Come in clothes which may become dirty.
○Lecturer: The park staff
○Application: From Wednesday, October 19

It needs reservations skywalk << in tropical large greenhouse≫

Is annual, quite popular event only by plant building! You climb rope which you installed from ceiling of large greenhouse using own hands and feet, and please enjoy superb view of tropical plant to look at from the sky.
○The date and time: Sunday, November 13 [part of the morning] 10:00-12:40 [part of the afternoon] 13:40-16:20
○Entrance fee: 800 yen (road according to admission charges)
○Capacity: Each 48 times (about 40 minutes, contents have the same each team in eight 1 team)
○Object: More than primary schoolchild
○Lecturer: Tree climbing @ Japan
○Application: From Friday, October 28

We dig, and potato needs reservations meeting <<≫

Let's harvest taros which greatly grew up in Yumenoshima Park happily together. With leaf of potato as for the joyride.
○The date and time: Sunday, November 20 first 11:00-12:00/second 14:00-15:00 ※Rain out
○Capacity: Each 20 times
※We plan for 2 seedlings per participant
※Clothes (singlets) which may become dirty
○Entrance fee: 400 yen (road according to admission charges)
○Application: From Friday, November 4

Let's observe transparent frame specimen of guppy! It needs reservations <<≫

We transparentize body and add color to bone, and transparent frame specimen is specimen to observe frame. Let's learn about wonder of structure and form of body of guppy, the issue of naturalized species! You can take specimen which you used for observation home.
○The date and time: Sunday, November 27 first 10:30-11:30/second 13:00-14:00
○Entrance fee: 800 yen (road according to admission charges)
○Lecturer: Origin of Ebina (evolution living thing research institute)
○Capacity: Each 25 times
○Application: From Thursday, November 10

Treasure ... of Yumenoshima orchid exhibition - natural world

We hold favorable reception plan display "Yumenoshima orchid exhibition" of common usage. We will display mainly on precious progenitor which Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome holds. We comment on specialty of cultivation method of orchid with panel.
○Period: From Tuesday, November 29 to Sunday, December 25
○Contents: Local display/panel commentary of progenitor, rare rule class orchid

※As for the details of each event, please see official web site of "Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome".

Creature exhibition of Amazon Basin

Dig potato; meeting

Let's observe transparent frame specimen of guppy!

Period From Sunday, November 6, 2016 to Wednesday, November 31
Holding time 9:30-17:00 (as for the admission until 16:00)
Holding place Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome (2-1-2, Yumenoshima, Koutou-ku)
Access Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, JR Keiyo Line, Rinkai Line "Shin-Kiba Station" 15-minute walk
Sponsor Designated manager/candy varnish Yumenoshima group
Prices 250 yen for adults/65 years or older 120 yen/junior high student 100 yen (as for primary schoolchild or younger, the junior high student of Tokyo residence, attendance at school, free of charge)
Application method << need reservations >> Event apply for administration office (03-3522-0281) of this on the telephone. (reception hours: 9:30-17:00)
We accept and become the end as soon as it reaches capacity. When there is space, on the day we accept.
Reference Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
Telephone: 03-3522-0281
FAX: 03-3522-0283
URL concerned http://www.yumenoshima.jp (Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome official web site)
Remarks Closed days: On Monday (in the case of holiday the next day)