[the end] Child care Messe 2016 which asks in this way

It is more fun by child care in ... Koto City! ...
"Child care Messe 2016 asking in this way" is "the Koto-ku's first child care interchange Exhibition" for daddy mom and child by daddy moms.
Various contents to be worried about including plan, display, refreshment stand workshop and lecture to be able to enjoy in parent and child on that day! In addition, we hold "foster parent experience presentation" where foster parent announces own experience in event.
There is information to want there to be child care by all means if we come here. Both family of the child care height and prepapa premama come in all of you by all means.

※This business is Koto City and collaboration business with child care support group mom RINGS Co.,Ltd.

It is “ gyu in children! We want to hug with "
Child care Messe 2016 which asks in this way

On the date

Sunday, November 27, 2016 10:00-15:30

Holding place

Koto City Culture Center (4-11-3, Touyo, Koutou-ku)
※No charge for admission/rain or shine
※There is thing to receive the actual expenses equivalency from in some workshops.

The first floor: Floor of 4-5 years old child

●Courtyard booth: Booths which child moves the body, and can be idle
●Food booth: Refreshment stand, kitchen car of various food, drinks

The second floor: Floor of main stage, display

●Main stage: Main ceremony and high high race head of a ward cup, wonderful concert, stage of children of teacher, kindergarten of nursery school
●saburekuhoru: Plan, workshop that foster parent experience presentation and child can move the body happily
●Display lobby: Child care of company, group, ward is helpful; display panel of information

The third floor: Floor of 2-3 years old child

●rekuhoru: Lecture of the dollar Okada hitomisannonendo workshop and *bigen (sommihyon) teacher who do not sleep
※Application system beforehand as for nendo workshop (the lower berth, please refer to website of "it is ideal day for child care to ask in this way" for the details).
●The great training room: Lecture by three sand (misago) chizurusan, Daichi Watanabe, fire department and doctor in ward, dentist 
●Art room: Various plans that moms are used to splendidly
●Booth: Child care of company, group, ward is helpful; information booths

The fourth floor: Floor of 0-1 years old child, prepapa mom

●The first Japanese-style room: Cafes which finish trying discussion of various plans and prepapa premama which can participate in parent and child, various childcare goods
●The second Japanese-style room: "The breast room" where information to be helpful about the breast for mom during premama and child care is varied ※Male room entrance is impossible

The fifth floor: Spare room (courtyard booth moves) at the time of rainy weather.

※As you establish break space in each floor, please use.

Period Sunday, November 27, 2016
Holding time 10:00-15:30 no charge for admission, rain or shine
Holding place Koto City Culture Center (4-11-3, Touyo, Koutou-ku)
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Toyocho Station" Exit 1 5-minute walk
Sponsor Child care Messe executive committee which asks in this way
Reference Koto City child care support section 03-3647-4408
It is (child care Messe executive committee asking in this way) 070-3294-5010 only for 26.27 days
URL concerned http://www.koto-kosodate.com (search by "it is ideal day for child care to ask in this way"!)
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