[the end] The tenth Koto cinema Festival

Of the town of movie Fukagawa - Ozu Yasujiro after being born―

Ozu Yasujiro entered Shochiku cinema studio in (1923) at (1903) December 12, current 1, Fukagawa, Koutou-ku in birth, 1923 in 1903, and supervision made its debut with "repentant blade" in (1927) in 1927. Afterwards, we announced masterpieces such as "*aki" in sequence in "late spring" and became great master on behalf of the Japanese movie world. We died at just 60 years old on (1963) December 12 in 1963, but there are many works which we did on the stage of Koto City including "accommodation of Tokyo" and "only son", and there is connection in Koto City very much.

In Furuishiba, Koto-ku Culture Center, the tenth Koto cinema Festival is held on Monday (holiday) for from Saturday, January 7, 2017 to 9th and it lasts for three days and shows world works of great master, Director Yasujiro Ozu which Fukagawa laid.
We greet excellent actress appeared on Ozu work this time and hear about valuable story including prawns sword at that time. 7th Saturday "autumn of the Kobayakawas" It is Kyoko Kagawa of "Tokyo story" in this on Monday (holiday) for Yoko Tsukasa, nine days of appearance. It is place that is new in memory that Director Yoji Yamada remade as "Tokyo family" speaking of "Tokyo story" in 2013.
In addition, we establish, and "★ film screening" work reflects film projector as follows in venue. Sound to send film called katakatakata will be to make feel slightly good old.

[screening work/schedule]

◆Saturday, January 7

♪Meiji elementary school marching band performance old school, Koto of - Ozu Ward at 9:40
○10:20 ... "autumn of the Kobayakawas" ★The film screening ★The screening working under sound guide 
(supervision/Ozu Yasujiro appearance/Ganjiro Nakamura, Setsuko Hara, Yoko Tsukasa)
[talk show] Guest: Yoko Tsukasa, talk: Takeshi Shimomura (Japanese movie researcher)
○13:30 ... "lord hotel" ★The film screening 
(supervision/Kurata fumindo appearance/Seizaburo Kawazu, Kuniko Igawa, Setsuko Hara)
◇Special first-run showing recommendation product screening meeting of all 15:10 - indie screening societyNo charge for admission 
      "mappiru, one cup" (supervision Yuji Koda)
○16:20 ... "Tokijiro Kutsukake chivalrous spirit one" ★The film screening
(supervision/Tai Kato appearance/Kinnosuke Nakamura, Junko Ikeuchi, Kiyoshi Atsumi)

◆Sunday, January 8

♪10:00 - guest performance moment string quartet  
○10:20 ... "*aki"
(supervision/Ozu Yasujiro appearance/Setsuko Hara, Chishu Ryu, Chikage Awashima)
○13:50 ... << silent film feature >> (belonging to speaker, orchestra)
"Fearlessness Lloyd" ★The film screening ■Speaker: Kenji Uesugi
(supervision/Fred new Meyer appearance/Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis)
When "we are born, we want to see", but ★The film screening ■Speaker: Noboru Sawa green
(supervision/Ozu Yasujiro Appearance/Tatsuo Saito, Mitsuko Yoshikawa, rush boy)
○17:00 ... "Singin' in the Rain" (subtitles)
(supervision/Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen appearance/Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor)

◆January 9 Monday (holiday)

○10:20 ... "disorder cloud" ★The film screening
supervision/Mikio Naruse appearance/Yoko Tsukasa, Yuzo Kayama, Mitsuko Mori)
○13:30 ... "Tokyo story" ★Guide is with sound ★The film screening
supervision/Ozu Yasujiro appearance/Chishu Ryu, Setsuko Hara, Kyoko Kagawa)
[talk show] Guest: Kyoko Kagawa, talk: Toshiaki Sato (entertainment movie researcher)

For details, please see the lower berth URL (page of Furuishiba Culture Center in Koto City culture community foundation website).

Yoko Tsukasa

Kyoko Kagawa

Period From Saturday, January 7, 2017 to 9th Monday (holiday)
Holding place Furuishiba, Koto-ku Culture Center large training room (2-13-2, Furuishiba, Koutou-ku) on the second floor
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Monzen-Nakacho Station" station Exit 2 10-minute walk
JR Keiyo Line "Etchujima" station Exit 3 10-minute walk
Sponsor Koto City culture community foundation Furuishiba, Koto-ku Culture Center
The offer number of people Offer capacity capacity: 240 people
Prices ○Three days through ticket:    3,000 yen 
You can see all works with this one piece.
○Once ticket each:      500 yen
Silent film feature (1/8): 1,000 yen
○Today's ticket rises by 200 yen
We sell from 15 minutes before start. When advance ticket is sold out, we may not sell today's ticket.
Application method Apply on telephone, window, the Internet.
Reference Furuishiba, Koto-ku Culture Center telephone: 03-5620-0224
Reception hours 9:00-21:00 (closed days: on 3 every month first Monday 12/29-1/3)
URL concerned http://www.kcf.or.jp/furuishiba/()