[the end] The fourth kaimokuiku summit in Koto City

We regard Japanese mokuiku as water in green "city of attractive waters, Koto"

mokuiku makes the future in Japan
Role ... of mokuiku to achieve for the making of ... sustainable society

mokuiku Summit to have many people know activity of "mokuiku" which gets close to tree, and makes use of tree, and lives with tree. Please introduce approach about mokuiku to person of going on the platform more than this time from more social viewpoints.
We do with opportunity to get hint to further spread mokuiku and want to take opportunity by to have various places working on mokuiku again in various parts of Japan gather in a hall, strengthen network of working people of mokuiku.

The fourth kaimokuiku summit in Koto City

On the date

Thursday, February 23, 2017 10:00-17:30

Holding place

Tiara Koto (Koto City Public Hall) (2-28-36, Sumiyoshi, Koutou-ku)


10:00 opening opening of a meeting greetings
10:20 basic tone lecture Satoshi Imai (Secretary of Forestry Agency)
10:40 basic tone symposium: mokuiku which toy Museum of blessing of Gifu Tatemori aims at
11:50 chief summit: It is introduction of chief of attendance from the Wood start declaration local governments of the whole country
12:20 lunch, break
13:30 symposium & talk live 1
    ①: ... which investigates possibility of recycling society - city model wooden construction architecture to make in mokuiku
    ②: ... which makes use of power to have of future ... tree of children to bring up with tree in child care
    ③: Story ... of the other side of toy which possibility - designer of mokuiku toy talks about
    ④: We will let ... wood utilization to widen mokuiku play new wind by femininity
    ⑤: Introduction ... of mokuiku - contact Go that adult and child mention
15:10 symposium & talk live 2
    ⑥: It is ... from viewpoint of ... economy, environment, child care to inspect effect of Wood start
    ⑦: We scientize mokuiku
    ⑧: Essence ... of manufacturing put on mokuiku ... "mikoshi" to learn from Traditional Art
    ⑨: The future of Kiba that wood supervisor of older sister says that it is in this
    ⑩: Small appearance of a house by self-build
16:50 closing talk: We talk about the prospects of mokuiku
The 17:20 next time site greetings
17:30 closing 
Period Thursday, February 23, 2017
Holding time 10:00-17:30
Holding place Tiara Koto (Koto City Public Hall)
2-28-36, Sumiyoshi, Koutou-ku
Access From Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line "Sumiyoshi Station" Exit A4 a 4-minute walk
Sponsor Authorized NPO corporation Japanese good toy Committee
Prices Free of charge
Application method Please apply with reservation form in the lower berth website.
Reference Authorized NPO corporation Japanese good toy Committee
TEL: 03-5367-9601 FAX: 03-5367-9602
Email: ws@mokuikulabo.info
URL concerned http://goodtoy.org/ms2017/index.html (website of mokuiku summit)
Remarks ※Person having you participate in this event would appreciate your using public means of transportation.
※Person of wheelchair, please use parking lot (one) for person with a physical disability. For more details, please refer to administration office.
※Please bring lunch respectively (there are not restaurant, convenience store in neighborhood).