[the end] The 33rd Fukagawa flower Festival

April 8 is birthday of Buddha!

Flower Festival is Buddhism event to celebrate the birth of Buddha.

As prince of Kapila country which there was in the current north side of India now on April 8 about 2,500 years ago, Buddha was born.

The sky blesses birth of Buddha and worships Buddha's image at birth which is figure born to small shrine with floral decoration (how about Nami) which dragon appears, and decorated rain of deliciousness with various kinds of flowers based on the narration which poured neatly and is said to be "*butsukai" (kambutsue) because we hang there hydrangea tea and celebrate.

We serve as PR of road safety at the same time to celebrate the birth of Buddha by "Fukagawa flower Festival", and road safety The procession going slowly line and *butsukaidaihoyo are performed. Great Buddhist memorial service across the denomination of 51 ka temples is the best part.

The 33rd Fukagawa flower Festival *butsukaidaihoyokotsuyasuzen The procession going slowly line


Saturday, April 8, 2017 15:15-16:30 ※Rain out


Sale tag temple Monzennakacho shop ⇒ Monzennakacho intersection ⇒ Fukagawa Fudodo Temple

Fukagawa Fudodo Temple and around approach to a shrine

Period Saturday, April 8, 2017
Holding time 15:15-16:30
Holding place The Monzennakacho outskirts, the Fukagawa Fudodo Temple precincts
Access Fukagawa Fudodo Temple Toei Oedo Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Monzen-Nakacho Station" Exit 1 2-minute walk
Sponsor Fukagawa Buddhism society
Reference The Fukagawa Buddhism society secretariat
Telephone: 03-3641-9442