[the end] The fifth Cinco de Mayo (Shinko de Mayo)

Festival of Latin culture that originated in Mexico, and spread out in the United States.

shinkodemayo is "May 5" in Spanish. Event to celebrate this day of Mexico began in the United States, and it was for festival of various places throughout the United States which anyone knew.

We become popular year by year in the United States and start in 2013 in Japan. In this year to reach the fifth, it is held Symbol Promenade Park in "open space of dream".

In international atmosphere, please enjoy authentic foods and drink, interactive entertainment with family, friend.

The fifth Cinco de Mayo (Shinko de Mayo)


May 4, 2017 Thursday (holiday), 5th Friday (holiday), 6th Saturday 10:00-21:00


Open space (1, Aomi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo) of Symbol Promenade Park dream


Free of charge


Foods which are full of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, international atmosphere of the north, average, each South American country including Jamaica are arrays. Chefs of well-known store of international city Tokyo compete for taste only in event period.


Let alone craft beer and wine, please enjoy cocktail which is high quality only in shinkodemayo.


Music offers on the rocks, Seoul, various genres including New Orleans jazz. Quite popular zumba appears for dance in addition to samba, salsa for the first time all over the world. Please enjoy performance of "participation type" that you do not simply hear to watch.
Period May 4, 2017 Thursday (holiday) - 6th Saturday
Holding time 10:00-21:00
Holding place Open space (1, Aomi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo) of Symbol Promenade Park dream
Access /Yurikamome Line "Aomi Station" on foot immediate Rinkai Line "Tokyo-Teleport Station" north exit 5-minute walk
Sponsor Cinco de Mayo Japan Steering Committee
Prices Admission for free (road according to dining charge)
Reference Please refer from the following website.
URL concerned http://www.cincodemayo.jp/index.html (the fifth Shinko de Mayo official web site)