[the end] The tenth Koto City environment fair

Eco of all saves the earth

Environmental fair that began to have you deepen understanding and interest about environmental conservation reaches the tenth in this year.
On the day of the fair, groups working on environmental activity hold various events, and lecture by Junichi Miyashita of JOC sports environment Ambassador is performed, too.
Please go out.

The tenth environment fair


Sunday, June 4, 2017 10:00-16:00
※Rain or shine (we cancel at the time of heavy rain, storm warning official announcement)


Ekokkuru Koto (1-29-7, Shiomi, Koutou-ku)


●[special plan] Lecture of medalist Junichi Miyashita and clean strategy (14:00 ...)
We invite Junichi Miyashita who won bronze medal by BEIJING OLYMPIC 400m medley race and perform lecture that featured the theme of environmental conservation and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics.
After the lecture, let's go out to Operation clean (we pick up garbage) in Tatsumi-no-mori Seaside Park with Miyashita.
※To 26 first arrival as for the participation in Operation clean on that day (distribute rearranging ticket in warming measures section booth from 13:00)
※There is souvenir for Operation clean participant

●We carry out foods drive
We will start with being able to do it for ... food loss reduction
Foods drive is activity to provide food widely in the local welfare group or facility through food bank group. If there is food remaining at home, take by all means.
Please confirm food, condition that is jikomikano in home pe ji of Koto City.

○Moving aquarium
We observe colorful fish and creatures living in coral reef living in Tokyo Bay with the staff of aquatic animal garden and can touch naturally.
○Sale of reproduction furniture
 We play furniture taken out as oversized garbage neatly and sell by lot. Lottery application until 13:00.
○"We hide soil", and Koto City registration compost distributes no
 We distribute compost which we made with the pruning branch which occurred in ward (until 200 ※ first arrival).
○Edible oil, gardening soil, collection of ink cartridge
 We collect edible oil which became disused at home. Please confirm instructions in case of jikomi in home pe ji of ward.
○Work experience & display corner
 We perform "small vase work of Wood cube" or "tree and contact experience".
○Introduction of nature and special product of Okhotsk, Hokkaido sphere
 Ward and cooperation, interchanging Okhotsk area 15 municipalities introduce Shiretoko, special product of drift ice and world natural heritage.
○Eating and drinking sale
 We sell curry and fried chicken, sandwich. There is herb tea which relaxation effect can expect.

Including others, solar car display, Hokkaido food fair, the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction aid booth (as for the details of each event, please see ward home pe ji).
Period Sunday, June 4, 2017
※Rain or shine (we cancel at the time of heavy rain, storm warning official announcement)
Holding time 10:00-16:00
Holding place Ekokkuru Koto (1-29-7, Shiomi, Koutou-ku)
Access JR Keiyo Line "Shiomi Station" 12-minute walk, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Tatsumi Station" 20-minute walk
There is metropolitan bus for free patrol bus on that day (it travels every 30 minutes during 9:20-15:17 time).
Sponsor Koto City, Koto City environment fair executive committee
Reference Koto City environment fair executive committee secretariat (Ekokkuru Koto) telephone: 03-3644-7130
URL concerned https://www.city.koto.lg.jp/ (website of Koto City)
http://www.ekokkuru-koto.jp/ (website of Ekokkuru Koto)