[the end] Ekokkuru Koto environment learning program [May]

"Ekokkuru Koto" in Shiomi, Koto-ku is learning facility which can learn while sensing bodily from the issue of imminent refuse disposal to environmental problem of the whole earth. In this season to turn the fresh green, do you not participate in course of Ekokkuru Koto?

We install in green curtain class home and workplace, and energy saving, warming stops!

Schedule: As for May 3 Tuesday (holiday), both 7th Saturday schedules 11:00-12:00 (person who has been attended), 13:00-16:00 (the first person)
Contents: We divide into where this class has been attended before and to attend for the first time and carry out. We distribute two one, compost one bag to participants by bitter gourd seedling free. In addition, we are going to hold green curtain contest in September. (contents same as both days in classes such as cultivation or setting method)
Place: May 3 is Koto City Koto City General Civic Center for Koto City Culture Center, seven days
Lecturer: Masashi Ishii (specialist in tree), iwa﨑kan (Associate Professor at Chiba University Graduate School), meeting of Koto eco-leader
Expense: Free of charge
Belonging: Writing utensils
Object: 20 people who has been attended in people who are older than primary schoolchild, first 30 (as for application order, primary schoolchild or younger, possible protector companion required, application for office)

"Boiled boiled straight kimonotanken corps" of Hiroshi Sasaki (one-shot participation)

Schedule: Saturday, May 7 9:30-12:00
Contents: We observe naturally while exploring imminent nature in parent and child with natural guide.
Place: Ekokkuru Koto
Lecturer: Hiroshi Sasaki (professional naturalist)
Expense: Free of charge
Belonging: We participate in drink, writing utensils, hat, rain outfit, protecting against insects spray, insect bite medicine, pants
Object: Older child - primary schoolchild and 15 sets of protectors 30 (application order)

Parent and child together first natural play ... 2 years old child class ...

Schedule: Tuesday, May 10 10:30-12:30
Contents: In search of creature getting off with pond and soil in biotope of Ekokkuru Koto, we come in contact with nature using Gokan in parent and child.
Place: Ekokkuru Koto
Lecturer: Naoto Nishi (lead crime)
Expense: One set of 300 yen
Belonging: Lunch, drink, snacks, diaper, change of clothes, rain outfit
Object: 2 years old child and 12 sets of protectors (possible participation to application order, protector two)

Let's hear song of small birds

Schedule: Saturday, May 14 9:30-11:00
Contents: At this time, we can hear a lot of songs of small birds in imminent park. We listen to difference in cry, and let's observe state of child care of wild bird.
Place: sendaikutsukawakoen, Yokojyukkengawa Water Park
Meeting: Restroom side dissolution of Toyosumi Bridge fishing ground entrance: Yokojyukkengawa Water Park
Expense: Free of charge
Belonging: Writing utensils, hat, drink, rain outfit, it is binoculars (you had)
Object: As for anyone 20 (application order, third grader or younger are accompanied by protector required)

Wonderful cloth sandals to mend in Kofu

Schedule: Wednesday, May 25 10:00-15:00
Contents: Using Kofu in home, we make cloth sandals which are kind to body with handicraft.
Place: Ekokkuru Koto
Expense: 1,000 yen
Belonging: Cloth (at 6cm in width, around 1.5-2m in length 20.for base We fold 6cm in width into half and press. We do not paste.) Scissors, ruler, writing utensils, clothespin six, lunch, drink, apron
Object: 18 16 years or older (application order)

Cradle experience society of Hamarikyu royal gift park, the sea (use of reserved bus)

Schedule: Sunday, May 29 9:15-15:45
Contents: It is experienced the observation, quality of the water investigation of fish and prawns, seaweed in Hama-rikyu-teien of the fresh green. Let's become fish doctor in pleasant experience♪
Meeting, dissolution: Ekokkuru Koto
Expense: Protector 300 yen, primary schoolchild 150 yen
Belonging: Lunch, drink, towel towel, rain outfit, it is participated with red white hat, shoes comfortable to walk in (only as for the primary schoolchild)
Object: Primary schoolchild and 44 protectors (possible companion to two children per application order, protector companion required, protector one)

Period It is Sunday on Wednesday, 29th for Saturday, 25 days for Tuesday, 14 days for Saturday, ten days for Tuesday (holiday), seven days on May 3, 2016 ※It varies according to programs.
Holding time ※It varies according to programs.
Holding place Koto City Environmental Learning Information Museum Ekokkuru Koto (1-29-7, Shiomi, Koutou-ku) others
Access JR Keiyo Line, Musashino Line "Shiomi Station" 12-minute walk/Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Tatsumi Station" Exit 2 20-minute walk
It is targeted for application ※It varies according to programs.
Application method It is telephone (03-3644-7130) or window in - Ekokkuru Koto at 9:00 on Friday, April 15.
※"Green curtain class" starts application from Tuesday, April 5.
Reference Koto City Environmental Learning Information Museum Ekokkuru Koto
Telephone: 03-3644-7130 FAX: 03-3644-7135
URL concerned https://www.ekokkuru-koto.jp/ ("Koto City Environmental Learning Information Museum Ekokkuru Koto" official web site)
Remarks ※The number of children whom companion protector alone can lead varies according to courses.
※Room entrance (participation) of (infants) except eligible people is not good at course without mention in particular.
※For more details, you inquire, or please see homepage.