[the end] Fukagawa Edo Museum which is full of Fukagawa ghost story 2017 - ghosts

To "Fukagawa Edo Museum" which is full of ghosts this summer!

Fukagawa Edo Museum reproduces cityscape of youngest Sagacho, Fukagawa in diorama of size of the original in the Edo era, and "experience display" that actually goes on shop and tenement house, and is touched on life tools is facility of popularity.

Secondary to last year, three exhibitions which featured the theme of "ghost story" with "ghost" are held in Fukagawa Edo Museum this summer.
"Ghost votive tablet exhibition" to display votive tablet which made ghost of the Edo era motif in a row, it increased the last search for ghost event "home of ghost" which became held and "Fukagawa ghost now and the bygone days exhibition" to be able to enjoy information about strange ghost of Fukagawa and work of today's writer at the same time newly in this year.

Do you not set foot in thrill and the world of ghost filled with humor developed on the stage of Fukagawa of the Edo era?

Ghost votive tablet exhibition

"Ancient ghost votive tablet" which workshop participant drew equals contemporary ghost illustrator about 100 pieces! Please enjoy big ghost picture scroll which lined in wall surface.


From Sunday, July 23 to Sunday, August 20 ※Closed days: 4 second Monday


9:30-17:00 (until admission 16:30)
※About "ghost votive tablet exhibition" workshop participation, please see the lower berth formula blog.

By night special opening "home FINAL of ghost"

Very popular experience-based event to look for ghost hiding behind in night darkness over Fukagawa of the Edo era. We carry out annual fun quiz. Present which is wonderful for correct answer person by lot! "Home of ghost" which is the last in this year. That have not experienced yet by all means!


From Friday, August 18 to Sunday, August 20


18:00-21:00 (as for the admission until 20:30) ※It is normal permanent construction display in the daytime. There is not ghost.

Fukagawa ghost now and the bygone days exhibition

Fukagawa ghost story "home of ghost" allied plan. It is plan display only in museum to match work of today's writer with old material from the Edo era, and to display about ghost, apparition.


From Thursday, August 10 to Sunday, August 20 ※Closed days: 4 second Monday


9:30-17:00 (until admission 16:30)
※From Friday, August 18 to 20th Sunday 9:30-21:00 (as for the admission until 20:30)

Display contents

Work display/and others by writers of Suiho Tagawa ghost image collection/Masao Higashi possession collection/Kitakatsushika raccoon dog fox "Fukagawa seven wonders ukiyoe print style print"/Fukagawa and "Fukagawa ghost story" connection, information about apparition of Fukagawa

Allied plan
Masao Higashi edition "great writer ghost masterpiece choice" publication memory talk event


Thursday, August 10 19:00 ...


Fukagawa Edo Museum the second floor small theater


Nanami Kamon + Saki Kitamura + Masao Higashi


800 yen

[ghost] We buy and pat

[ghost] Bone woman

[ghost] shokera

Period From Sunday, July 23, 2017 to Sunday, August 20 ※It varies according to events.
Holding time 9:30-17:00 (until admission 16:30)
"By night special opening "home of ghost" 18:00~21:00 (until admission 20:30)
Holding place Fukagawa Edo Museum (Shirakawa, Koutou-ku, Tokyo 1-3-28☎03-3630-8625)
Access From Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/Toei Oedo Line Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station Exit A3 a 3-minute walk
Sponsor Fukagawa ghost story executive committee
Prices Admission: 400 yen for adults, primary and secondary student 50 yen
(only at the time of the by night special opening with flyer 300 yen for adults/primary and secondary student 30 yen)
Reference Fukagawa ghost story executive committee (we are in charge and came Kitakatsushika raccoon dog fox (and scold and come))
Telephone: 090-8455-2580
URL concerned http://fukagawakaidan.tumblr.com/ (Fukagawa ghost story formula blog)
http://koto-kanko.jp/admin/event/upd.php?eid=349 (Fukagawa ghost fair details page (Koto Travel Information Bureau))
Remarks Closed days: 4 second Monday