[the end] The second is hot; wait; KOTO video Award

Let's make your favorite Koto City video!

"The second is hot waits, and PR video contest holds KOTO video Award" to publicize charm of Koto City widely. This theme "Koto that is in love." It recruits videos overflowing in feeling to be in love including song and dance that expressed attractive people, shop, scenery of Koto City that everybody is in love and feeling to be in love. Video is OK with brief thing which we photographed with smartphone. We deliver on ward homepages, and prize-winning work is used in various events.
If video full of charm of Koto City comes out, please apply casually.

The second is hot; wait; KOTO video Award

■Offer summary


"Koto that is in love"


No object (possible individual, group professional amateur, each Koto City inside and outside) ※There is no limit of the number of the application

Work standard

Video work within 120 seconds utilizing material of Koto City.
※Even ten seconds, short story video of 20 seconds is OK!
・Extension of picture is limited to picture supporting either mov,mp4.
・Expression method (live-action film, animation, photograph slide, CG) does not matter.
・As for the resolution, full HD (1920 X 1080), aspect ratio assume 16:9 basics.
・Entry is original, and it is limited to unpublished work.
・When you apply from YouTube, please put in the head of title of video with [hot Koto/to be in love wait KOTO video Award] by all means.
・When you photograph with smartphone, please photograph camera by all means on "the side".
・As you may have you submit data, please submit by mail or file services on this occasion.
・Length of work does not become standard of examination.
・When we are on at screen advertisement, we may edit work which had you apply.


◆Application period: From Monday, July 24, 2017 to Tuesday, October 31
※As for the application from Web form, in the case of mail, postmark on that day is effective until 23:59 of October 31
◆The nomination work election, the last examination: From November to December
◆Commendation ceremony: January, 2018


We select in screening committee composed of Koto City and outside judge. As judge, Terry Ito participates especially, too.

Winning announcement

About selection result, we notify winner and announce in official sites.


◆We broadcast by movie theater screen advertisement in ward as grand prix 1 work ... ... ... prize money 100,000 yen, shield, certificate of merit, supplementary prize
◆Koto prize (judge special prize) 1 work ... ..., prize money 50,000 yen, certificate of merit which are in love
◆Each award for excellence prize (we confer on work which excelled in idea and impact) 3 work degree ... ... ... ..., prize money 10,000 yen, certificate of merit
Period [application period] From Monday, July 24, 2017 to Tuesday, October 31
Application method ①Please apply by either method of -③.
①When we apply from YouTube, we send URL and the requirements to ➡YouTube than application form of official site after the upload.
②Please mail with recording medium (you list title and full name) which put entry in ➡ predetermined application paper after filling out the requirements when we apply with recording mediums such as DVD.
○Submission: It is one piece of recording medium such as one piece of application paper and DVD because of 1 work
○Deadline for submission :Tuesday, October 31 ※On the day postmark is effective  
○Mailing address:
〒135-8383 4-11-28, Touyo, Koutou-ku, Tokyo
Until the Koto City Olympics Paralympics held preparations room "video Award charge"
※Please note that you do not return submitted application paper and DVD.
※Expenses of all such as production costs of work and the postage are charged to applicant.
※When problem such as data file not opening by case that work does not touch by accident sending or unavoidable accident occurs, our secretariat does not take responsibility for all.
③Please send deadlines for URL, password downloading and the requirements which are displayed after the upload completion to file transmission, transfer service of ➡ for free when we apply using file transmission, transfer service than application form.
Example) giga file service /firestorage/ house file services
※As capacity that is sendable in each site is different, please confirm.
※Please set to keep room during period including seven days during upload period.
Reference Is hot; wait; the KOTO video Award secretariat
Telephone: 03-5859-0965
E-mail: info@kotodoga-award.tokyo
URL concerned http://www.kotodoga-award.tokyo/ (the second is hot wait official site of KOTO video Award)