[the end] The Annual Tomioka Hachiman Grand Festival (Main Festival)

This traditional festival (matsuri), held every year on August 15th at Tomioka Hachiman Shrine, is also known as Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri. Alongside the Sanno Matsuri of Hie Shrine, Akasaka, and the Kanda Matsuri of Kanda Myojin, it is considered one of the Three Great Festivals of Edo.

This year marks the long-awaited "Hon-Matsuri" or "Main Festival", it is which comes only once every three years!

Aside from the "Jinkosai" (a ritual procession also known as "Horen-togyo" or Passing of the Phoenix Shrine) when the mikoshi (divine palanquin) of Tomioka Hachiman Shrine is carried around to the areas considered to be under the deity' s protection, there will also be a "Mikoshi Rengo Togyo", it is during which a parade of 53 mikoshi from local communities will make its way around town.

In addition, many traditional votive activities will be exhibited on shrine grounds during festival days, including dancing and taiko drum performances, ensuring non-stop excitement.

The "Mikoshi Rengo Togyo", it is considered to be the main event of the matsuri, will be held on Sunday, August 13th. Chants of "Wasshoi! Wasshoi!" will reverberate from early morning onward, as onlookers douse mikoshi-carriers lavishly with water when they make their way past. For this reason, the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri is also known as the Water Throwing Festival.

The passion and festivity created by mikoshi-carriers and spectators coming together in celebration is a definite must-see! We hope you' ll join us!

Annual Tomioka Hachiman Grand Festival

Schedule of Events

Friday, August 11th (holiday)
13:30Singing by Rintomo Sisters
16:00Resonance to the Gods – 22nd annual celebration by Tomioka Hachiman Shrine Taiko Drummers
Saturday, August 12th
Jinkosai (Horen-togyo) – The Phoenix Shrine, carrying the local deity, will visit the areas under his protection with many followers in procession
16:30Karate performance by Fujimoto Dojo
18:00Shorinji Kenpo (Chinese martial arts) exhibition by Fukagawa Temple
19:30Taiko drum and dance performance by Fukagawa Saijin
Sunday, August 13th
Mikoshi Rengo Togyo – 53 mikoshi will be carried through a procession path approximately 8km long
13:00Koto and shamisen performance by Ikeda-ryu Botan-kai
14:30Taisho koto performance by Genyo-kai
16:00Japanese dancing (Nagauta Sakura-ryu) by Fuzusa Sakura
17:30Jazz concert by The Dream Square Jazz Orchestra
19:00Aoi taiko drums
Monday, August 14th
14:00Paying of respects by worshippers
15:00Dance performance by Tado Gagaku-kai
16:30Noh performance by Fukagawa Noh Theatre
18:30Dance performance by Hosokawa Minzoku Buyou Kenkyu-kai (Hosokawa Cultural Dance Study Association)
Tuesday, August 15th
11:00Reisai Saiji – The most important religious ritual of the year
14:30Marimba performance by The Easy Mallets
16:00Singing by Mina Nomura
17:30Koto performance by Hirone-kai
18:00Tea Ceremony by Koto Sak
20:00Gamelan performance and dancing by Fukagawa Baron Club
Flowers provided by Koto Sakado-kai for the duration of Friday August 11th (arrangements made) to Tuesday August 15th
Poetry and calligraphy provided by Heishoku-kai
*Times may be subject to change
*The Kendo Tournament organized by Koto Kendo Association will be held on Sunday, September 17th.
Period Friday August 11th (holiday) ~ Tuesday August 15th, 2017
Holding place Tomioka Hachiman Shrine (1-20-3 Tomioka, Koto City) and the surrounding area
Access 3 minute walk from Exit 1 of Monzen-nakacho Station (Tozai Line side)
6 minute walk from Exit 5/6 of Monzen-nakacho Station (Toei Oedo Line side)
URL concerned http://www.tomiokahachimangu.or.jp/ (Tomioka Hachiman Shrine official website)