New sense festival that extreme street, music is connected with each other!

"CHIMERA GAMES" which began as first Japanese new sense festival that EXTREME, street, on the rocks were connected with each other hot.
Including skateboarding that became competition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, bicycle motocross street, professional rider representing Japan of EXTREME world, street culture, the top players are the concentration more than genre in one place. Furthermore, outdoor music festival is contest "event of" dream that let you fuse, too.

Rider of legend class including Japanese rider, Takayuki Tono and Jeremy Sten Bergh (popular name "Twitch") who acquired 17 medals in Red Bull X fighters or X games who won the championship at Thomas pajiesu of world king, Red Bull X fighter from FMX which flies in the sky on motocross motorcycle this time, and lets out the various skill is participation in a war.

In addition, contents to let feeling be arrogant in CHIMERA GAMES including park which rents gear let alone bicycle motocross, Roller Blade, splendid riding of skateboarding, carry-on of gear of oneself habitual use in venue, and can play freely are arrays.
It is the same by impression, excitement to see performance of the top player and can experience each competition in "for free" in "place" with participation players.

Shop area popular last time further increases! It is always "amusement place" which, besides, is unique which continues evolving.
Both adult and child, please sense this amusement place bodily.



Saturday, October 14, 2017, 15th Sunday opening 10:00 ※Rain or shine, stormy weather cancellation


CHIMERA GAMES VOL.4 Odaiba special event space (Qinghai, Koto-ku temporary parking lot NOP division/Qinghai, Koto-ku)

※Method for purchase of ticket, the event details, please identify official web site.
http://www.chimeragame.com/games_vol4/ (CHIMERA GAMES VOL.4 event site)
Period Saturday, October 14, 2017, 15th Sunday
Holding time [the opening] 10:00
Holding place CHIMERA GAMES Odaiba special event space (Aomi seaside parking lot NOP division/Qinghai, Koto-ku)
Access Yurikamome Line "Funenokagakukan Station" 5-minute walk/Rinkai Line "Tokyo-Teleport Station" 7-minute walk
Reference CHIMERA project executive committee
Telephone: 050-3658-9738
URL concerned http://www.chimeragame.com/games_vol4/ (CHIMERA GAMES VOL.4 event site)