[the end] Koto France festival

Koto City Culture Center hall is flooded with France!

Do chanson and nobody conveying sorrow of the life touch fashion to long for, country of culture full of dainty food, the true richness to accept diversity, French culture?
 It is various contents such as chanson classrooms by many masterpieces of the "bottom of Paris of the sky" "life of rose" "my way" "dead leaf" "man and woman" others, chanson and French movie, concert of Patrick nujie, cafe which French wine and tea can thoroughly enjoy, miscellaneous goods/accessories sale, street performance and Patrick and Dominick.

Koto France festival


Sunday, June 3, 2018
Marchais opening 11:00
Concert opening 14:30/concert start 15:00


Koto City Culture Center hall, exhibition room (4-11-3, Touyo, Koutou-ku)

Patrick nujiekonsato

Many masterpieces of chanson including the "sun towa mammy" and "paean of love" "bottom of Paris of the sky" "life of rose" "my way" and French movie.
Time: The start: 15:00 (the opening: at 14:30)
Venue: Koto City Culture Center hall
Appearance: Patrick nujie (song, accordion), Dominick shanyon (be), Kenji Kanemasu (piano)
It includes all meeting 3,400 yen seat-designated/consumption taxes of ticket rate 3,800 yen tiara friend

French cafe & Marchais

Time: Until 11:00 - concert curtain.
Venue: Koto City Culture Center exhibition room
Chanson classroom by Patrick and Dominick familiar even as for NHK French course
Set piece: oshanzerize
12:30 ... (we plan one hour)
※Only as for concert ticket buyer
○Street performance appearance: Barbara Murata
○Hand mawashi organ appearance: 11 sun of Asakusa
○French gaufre and baked confectioneries
○French cafe
○French miscellaneous goods
○French wonderful beads accessories sale & workshop
○French music CD shop
Period Sunday, June 3, 2018
Holding time Marchais opening 11:00/concert opening 14:30/concert start 15:00
Holding place Koto City Culture Center hall (4-11-3, Touyo, Koutou-ku)
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Toyocho Station" Exit 1 5-minute walk
Prices It includes all concert ticket/seat-designated tax
Meeting 3,400 yen of ticket rate 3,800 yen tiara friend
Application method <the concert ticket handling>
Koto City Culture Center TEL: 4 03-3644-8111 9:00-21:00 second Monday closing
[the Internet] https://www.kcf.or.jp/koto

We can purchase in other Tiara Koto, Culture Center in Koto City, special home pe ji.
URL concerned http://www.mplant.com/france/ (special home pe ji of Koto France festival)
Remarks ※Please refrain from entrance of preschooler.