[the end] Kachiya Festival

In Katorijinja Shrine got close to in God of sports promotion, common usage, Kachiya Festival are held in Children's Day.

It dates back to the Heian era in the origin of Kachiya Festival.
For 940 years, Rebellion of Taira Masakado (revolt of the Tenkyo era) happened. It is shukyo after Katorijinja Shrine, the revolt subjugation that Hidesato Fujiwara (hyofujitashukyo) who went to the front of the Masakado subjugation hunts down and kills, and prayed But, it is said to be opening to have dedicated arrow which named "shoya".
It is reason worshiped as "God of sports promotion" praying for victory.

We cut off parishioner who wore attire or coat of arms, old ceremonial dress (chew as for doing) of armor helmet in the body and samurai parade that drum and fife corps of local primary schoolchild participate in raises its shout of victory of "ray, ray, O" in tortoise person Shinto shrine (3, Oshima) that is additional post Corporation of Katorijinja Shrine and leaves and parades around about 2km to Katorijinja Shrine including 13 ken of Kameido station squares street with tochuembu. Ceremony of dedication of shoya is held solemnly in main hall when we arrive in Katorijinja Shrine. Crowds of roadside reach about 100,000 people every year.

Kachiya Festival

The date and time: May 5, 2018 (soil, celebration)
・13:00 - samurai parade (parade) tortoise appearance Shrine ⇒ Katorijinja Shrine
・15:00 - Kachiya Festival (ceremony of dedication)

Period May 5, 2018 (soil, celebration)
Holding time 13:00 - samurai parade (parade) tortoise appearance Shrine ⇒ Katorijinja Shrine
15:00 - Kachiya Festival (ceremony of dedication)
Holding place Katorijinja Shrine (3-57-22, Kameido, Koutou-ku)
Access JR Sobu Line, Tobu Kameido Line "Kameido Station" north exit 10-minute walk
Reference Katorijinja Shrine
URL concerned http://katorijinja.jp/ (website of Kameido Katori jinja Shrine)