[the end] The first Koto City Tourism Association Public seminar

Yuri Motoyama

We invite expert mainly on hot topic of tourism industry in General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association and hold seminar for member of tourist association regularly.
We will carry out the first as public seminar that general customer can participate in this year when you can understand activity contents of our association widely.

Lecturer is popular caster, Yuri Motoyama of Tokyo bay network "Koto wide square".
Theme "intellect is fun! As for the message of courage that the highlight and player of para-sports give is.
We know importance to report para-competition, and, as for Motoyama, there is process turned into to free-lance announcer from experience that you put support and volunteer activity of para-competition on.

"Do not count thing which you lost. Keep left thing alive to the maximum"
It is words of guttoman doctor said to be father of the Paralympics. Para-athletes who continue challenging according to words, own life. As for their robust heart and play of impression, there is power to turn view of the world of person whom we saw. However, it is the current situation that the highlight and charm of competition have many people not to know still more. We tell about message of courage that charm and player of para-sports that we learned from encounter with more than 100 athletes give.

As Koto City having a lot of venues of Tokyo 2020, "hospitality" to visitor, you know the highlight, charm of the Paralympics, and do you not heap up very much?

Period Thursday, May 17
Holding time 18:30-20:00
Holding place Koto City Culture Center large training room (4-11-3, Touyo, Koutou-ku) on the third floor
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Toyocho Station" Exit 1 five minutes
Sponsor General Incorporated Association Koto-ku Tourist Association
It is targeted for application Residence, working, attendance at school in ward (we give priority to Koto City Tourism Association member first-come-first-served basis)
Application method Come to venue directly. We offer seat for wheelchair.
Reference Telephone: 03-6458-7400 
FAX: 03-6458-7420 
Email: staff@koto-kanko.jp
Business hours 9:00-17:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year rest)
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