[the end] The third is hot; wait; KOTO video Award

Let's make Kameido, Sunamachi, Fukagawa, CM of local "of Toyosu ..." you!

"The third is hot waits for PR video contest sending charm about sightseeing, culture, life or person widely and, in Koto City, holds KOTO video award".

Can subscribe only in photograph and sentence under the theme of "let's make CM of local "of" you" newly this time other than video section; "tree cricket! We establish local CM section, and 2 seasons system recruits.
We broadcast work by movie theater screen advertisement in ward homepage and ward, and prize-winning work is used in various events.

Person who wants to emphasize Koto City is okay with anyone regardless of the ward inside and outside! Please apply by charm of Koto City which everybody feels casually.

The third is hot; wait; KOTO video Award

■Offer summary


No object (possible individual, group professional amateur, each Koto City inside and outside) ※There is no limit of the number of the application


[application period] 1st season: From Sunday, July 1, 2018 to Sunday, September 30
      2nd season: From Sunday, October 21, 2018 to January 14, 2019 Monday (holiday)
[commendation ceremony] March, 2019

Offer section

◆Please make charm of local CM section/Koto City CM!
Do you not make CM of your town where you packed local charm, favorite place into? We can apply alone in group and OK even if it is not Koto City native place, residence. We look forward to masterpiece which was full of thought!
◆Tree cricket! Even OK, photograph can apply if there are any local CM section/smartphones!
Application simple more than club activities, favorite shop, picture keeping on taking without editing that photographed local charm including everyday scenery or four points of photographs only in story sentence (less than 400 characters) of CM! A part of the application product edites at the secretariat and produces CM video!


We select in screening committee composed of Koto City and outside judge. As judge, Terry Ito participates especially, too.

Winning announcement

About selection result, we notify winner and announce in official sites.

Each prize

◆We broadcast by movie theater screen advertisement in ward as local CM section Grand Prix (1 work) ... prize money 100,000 yen, shield, certificate of merit, supplementary prize
◆Tree cricket! Local CM section Grand Prix (1 work) ... prize money 50,000 yen, certificate of merit
※In addition, there are particularly examination committee member Prize - Terry Ito Prize, examination committee member Prize.

Entry standard, application method

Please confirm in the lower berth official site.
Period [application period] From Sunday, July 1, 2018 to January 14, 2019 Monday (holiday) ※2 seasons system
Reference Is hot; wait; the KOTO video Award secretariat
Telephone: 03-5534-8884
E-mail: info@kotodoga-award.tokyo
URL concerned http://www.kotodoga-award.tokyo/ (the third is hot wait official site of KOTO video Award)