[the end] The ninth Koto City environment fair

The ninth Koto City environment fair is held in Ekokkuru Koto.
Group of environmental NPO, company, universities in ward working on environmental activity exhibits in one place and can enjoy environmental learning experience and work and is taken display of electric car and display of fuel cell vehicleEvent full loading including display of solar car which, inhabitant of a ward team produced!
happiekoraifu lottery where eco-goods are is held.
In addition, reconstruction aid booth is installed to support stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the local people in venue.
Do you not think about environment with family and friend happily all day long?

The date and time: Sunday, June 5, 2016 10:00-16:00 
(we cancel at the time of rain or shine ※ heavy rain, storm warning official announcement)

Place: Ekokkuru Koto (1-29-7, Shiomi, Koutou-ku)

Display of electric car, fuel cell vehicle

We display electric car, fuel cell vehicle (only as for the fuel cell vehicle, possible ride. ) which may not take when it is crowded.

Ecodrive class

Ecodrive experience is actually possible after having learned method of ecodrive. Ride is possible, and, in each time, up to three people have you actually experience ecodrive toward one applicant in kono (driver's license bringing. ) which may not take a test ride when it is crowded.

Sale of reproduction furniture

We play furniture taken out as oversized garbage neatly and sell by lot.
Lottery application until 13:00.

Collection of used edible oil

In venue, we collect used edible oil of home.
jikomihoho: You pour oil into plastic bottles, and you seal up, and take (when taking care of is difficult, I may decline collection).

Collection of mercury-containing product (thermometer, thermometer, sphygmomanometer)

We collect thermometer, thermometer, sphygmomanometer which we used at home (we remove electronic product).

"We hide soil", and Koto City registration compost distributes no

We distribute compost which we made with the pruning branch occurring in ward (the number of the distribution is limited).

Solar car (ekokkuru 002) display

Inhabitant of a ward team produces and displays "ekokkuru 002 issue" settling good grade in solar car race held in Suzuka Circuit every year.

Work experience & display corner

Using mosaic tile, make photoframe; protecting against insects effect can hope "photoframe work in mosaic tile"; "the making of candle unties quiz in each place in venue with essential oil", and perform "weight loss quiz rally of garbage" to be able to learn about weight loss of garbage.


Do not play herb stone; make, and is made with accessories, the fragrant making of bouquet, making of LED lantern of herb. On stage, artist and activity group of various genres carry out 10 programs including music and quiz (※ contents may be changed. ) to thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Period Sunday, June 5, 2016 (we cancel at the time of rain or shine ※ heavy rain, storm warning official announcement)
Holding time 10:00-16:00
Holding place Ekokkuru Koto (1-29-7, Shiomi, Koutou-ku)
Access JR Keiyo Line "Shiomi Station" 12-minute walk, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Tatsumi Station" 20-minute walk
There is metropolitan bus for free patrol bus on that day (it travels every 30 minutes during 9:20-15:17 time).
Sponsor Koto City, Koto City environment fair executive committee
Reference Koto City environment fair executive committee secretariat (Ekokkuru Koto) telephone: 03-3644-7130
URL concerned http://www.ekokkuru-koto.jp/ (website of Ekokkuru Koto)
http://www.city.koto.lg.jp/event/1116/160521.html (website inner page of "the ninth Koto City environment fair" of Koto City))