[the end] Toyosu Market Oishii Saturday Marchais

Every Saturday holding!
"Toyosu Market Oishii Saturday Marchais" start!

We perform bustle creation business till we utilize facility business site of 5 blocks and 6 blocks with a flourishing trade to establish Toyosu Market and the making of bustle and Toyosu brand of the neighboring areas in Tokyo, and facility with a flourishing trade operates after the Toyosu Market opening.
As the kickoff event, we will hold "Toyosu Market Oishii Saturday Marchais" as follows from January through March in 2019.
At this opportunity, please arrive casually.

Toyosu Market Oishii Saturday Marchais


Every Saturday 8:00-15:00 of from January 12, 2019 to March 30


Toyosu Market (6, Toyosu, Koutou-ku) 5 block (fruits and vegetables ridge) outdoors space

Summary (plan) of event

  • We start event on January 12 without break on every Saturday and provide a certain characteristic contents and stage event once a month
  • We distribute souvenir targeting at arrived people (2,000 first arrival) 

Every Saturday holding (12 times in total)

We do pleasure of "meal" of Toyosu Market “ bodily sensation “

①We eat and enjoy <we provide food utilizing ingredients of Toyosu Market>
  • We provide charcoal grilled fresh seafood, "Toyosu hotpot" using fresh ingredients (the number of times-limited) 
  • Limited menu only by Toyosu Market using kitchen car offers  
②We buy and enjoy <we sell "fresh fish" of Toyosu Market "fruits and vegetables" "connection article">
  • We sell "fresh fish" of Toyosu Market direct shipment
  • Fresh "vegetables" and "fruit" sale

We have "experience" of "facility" of Toyosu Market

  • Toyosu Market visit guidance tour holding

Cooperation with local mall

  • Distribution of Toyosu street walk map, sale of local specialties

Monthly large-scale event
(among every Saturday holding three times of January 26, February 23, March 23)
In addition to eating and drinking, product sales of every Saturday, we carry out a certain characteristic event and experience-based event


  • PR, sale of fresh ingredients by cooperation with production center
  • Sake sake tasting booths


  • Learning fair that is slope
  • Moving aquarium display
  • Local inhabitants participation type stage events




Period Every Saturday of from January 12, 2019 to March 30
Holding time 8:00-15:00
Holding place Toyosu Market (6, Toyosu, Koutou-ku) 5 block (fruits and vegetables ridge) outdoors space
Access Yurikamome Line "Shijomae Station" getting off is immediate
Prices No charge for admission
Remarks As there is not parking lot, please use public transport.
We offer bicycle parking lot in event site. Please refrain from bicycle parking to street.