[the end] ReasonIs reason, and modern hall!

Event and "it is reason (reason) Monzennakacho!" More

Spin-off animation of game "idol master SideM ※ 1" that colored telephone pole, switch box of Monzennakacho for New Year holidays "idol master SideM reason and there is Mini * 2" idol lapping posters come back to Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum!

Event and "it is reason Monzennakacho!" which wrapped telephone pole of downtown started on December 13, last year for about one month in idols Then we had favorable reception. Unfortunately encore display realized from person who was not able to come during period and voice such as wanting you to perform such a plan again this time.

It was shot to look up at from bottom with telephone pole, but display of height to line up together, and to be able to take photograph this time is attractive.
We will hold in long run for half a year.
Please enjoy collaboration with retro preparation only in modern hall country registration tangible cultural property.

Period: From Saturday, March 23 to Sunday, August 18

Stage I from Saturday, March 23 to May 6 Monday (holiday)

<display unit> DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, FRAME, Aya

Stage II from Wednesday, May 8 to Sunday, June 9

<display unit> Jupiter, speediness like the act of God one soul, CaféParade

Stage III from Tuesday, June 11 to July 15 Monday (holiday)

<display unit> High X Joker, mofumofuen, THE fang of a tiger way

The fourth period from Wednesday, July 17 to Sunday, August 18

<display unit> S·E·M, F-LAGS, Legenders

※In specifications of lapping poster, understand that there is not display for all units.

※1 "idol master SideM" is social game of "idol master" series. Player becomes producer of entertainment office 315 production and scouts unique man characters such as former lawyer, former high school teacher and aims at the top idol through job such as business or live. As well as game, musical piece, live event, radio, comics by the cast are unfolding variously. First, making into TV anime was made in 2017, and "there was idol master SideM reason, and Mini!" started broadcast short animation in 2018.
"It is idol master SideM reason, and idols of 315 productions appearing in "idol master SideM", all 46 are short comedy animation which it is in Mini, and plays an active part 2 with Mini!". BD, DVD is released on March 27.
©BNEI /WakeMini
Period From Saturday, March 23, 2019 to Sunday, August 18, 2019
Holding time 10:00-18:00 (on Friday and Saturday until 19:00)
Holding place Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum (1-19-15, Monzennakacho, Koutou-ku)
Access The Toei Oedo Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Monzen-Nakacho Station" sixth or Exit 3 3-minute walk
Sponsor Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum (Fukagawa Tourism Association)
General Incorporated Association Koto-ku Tourist Association
Reference Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum
Telephone: 03-5639-1776
Email: info@fukagawatokyo.com
URL concerned http://fukagawatokyo.com/index.html (Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum official web site)
Remarks [closed days] On Monday (in the case of holiday, Tuesday, the following day becomes closing Monday)