[the end] Amphibious bus "sky duck" tie-up ... movie "excellent detective Pikachu" lapping ...

For a limited time! The sky duck of "excellent detective Pikachu" lapping comes up!

During periods from April 24 to June 30, amphibious bus "excellent detective Pikachu" lapping bass comes up in commemoration of exhibition of movie "excellent detective Pikachu" in coastal line area.

The Olympics Paralympics venue that construction goes ahead through steadily and "Toyosu, Tokyo View course" seeing much-talked-about Toyosu Market from the water and the land go around course to be able to enjoy from child including "Odaiba panorama course" making a round trip of popular sightseeing spot around to adult on the pretty sky duck of excellent detective Pikachu.

We present ticket and ride souvenir (finished as soon as it disappears) of design to person who took in particular! Of course we can experience quite popular splashing!

Do you not take the sky duck colored for the making of memory with family and friend by friends of Pikachu and Pokemon?
Period From Wednesday, April 24, 2019 to Sunday, June 30
Course ■Sky duck Daiba Toyosu, Tokyo View course
[arrival at ... Toyosu, Ariake - Tokyo-Teleport Station/one lap about 80 minutes from Tokyo-Teleport Station]
■Sky duck Daiba Odaiba panorama course
[/one lap about 60 minutes departing from and arriving at Tokyo-Teleport Station]
※In addition, there is sky duck Ginza (A B course), too. As for the details such as course, service time, please see official web site.
Reference Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry
Telephone: 03-3215-0008
URL concerned http://www.skybus.jp/ (the sky bus sky duck official web site)
Remarks ※Ride needs ticket. (the details such as rate, method for purchase, please identify official web site.)
※It may become suspension by state of weather and the sea in a hurry.
※It may usually become the sky duck vehicle by vehicle check.