[the end] Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum
Event of June

In "Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum" in Monzennakacho, various events are held.

Is reason (reason), and modern hall!

"There is idol master SideM reason, and idol lapping poster of Mini!" comes back to Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum spin-off animation of game "idol master SideM" which colored telephone pole, switch box of Monzennakacho for New Year holidays!
* Period: From Saturday, March 23, 2019 to Sunday, August 18
Stage I from Saturday, March 23 to May 6 Monday (holiday)
<display unit> DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, FRAME, Aya
Stage II from Wednesday, May 8 to Sunday, June 9
<display unit> Jupiter, speediness like the act of God one soul, CaféParade
Stage III from Tuesday, June 11 to July 15 Monday (holiday)
<display unit> High X Joker, mofumofuen, THE fang of a tiger way

The fourth period from Wednesday, July 17 to Sunday, August 18
<display unit> S.E.M., F-LAGS, Legenders
※In specifications of lapping poster for all units understand that cannot display.
○URL concerned: https://koto-kanko.jp/event/detail.php?eid=799 (Koto Travel Information Bureau)

Event modern hall toy box of modern hall for children

Let's play classic begoma and origami.
* The date and time: Saturday, June 8 14:00-16:00
○Contents: Origami/begoma
○Person to tell: Katsumi Takahashi (origami), Yoshimoto Suzuki (begoma)
○Entrance fee: Free of charge
※In the case of bad weather including no appointment necessary/typhoon, we cancel

2019 Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum plan exhibition
Whole Monzennakacho

What kind of place is Monzennakacho? We introduce history and the present of this town which became scenery emphasis area of Koto City in 2015.
* Period: From Saturday, June 8 to 16th Sunday
○The cosponsorship: Meeting of Nakacho, Monzen, Fukagawa scenery town planning

It is Fukagawa-meshi for display-related event 100 yen

We sell Fukagawa-meshi of trial size with 300 meals of limitation.
* The date and time: Saturday, June 15 11:00-15:00 (finished as soon as it disappears)
○Cooperation: Fukagawa-meshi promotion meeting

Course "Salon de fukagawa" to get up, and to feel

We talk about history of Koto City while drinking coffee, tea.
★Prices: 500 yen (with 1 drink) 
★Capacity: 30 (reservation required)
* The date and time: Friday, June 28 14:00-15:30
○Contents: "Earthquake disaster revival bridge of Koto City"
○Capacity: 30 (reservation required)
○Application: Apply for [telephone] of the lower berth from Saturday, June 15.

Meeting of *tachibana

* The date and time: Saturday, June 29 15:00 ... (opening 14:30)
* Appearance: Sanyutei Enkitsu
* Contents: *chosakukaidan "Botan garden lantern" - five, change of mind of new Saburo
* Prices: Reservation 2,500 yen/2,800 yen on that day
* Capacity: 50 people
※Of the lower berth or apply by [email] [telephone].

Koto modern bower

Handmade variety hall by young comic story tellers related to Koto City.
* The date and time: Sunday, June 30 14:30 ... (the 14:00 opening)
* Prices: Reservation, 1,500 yen on that day
* Appearance: Kaminari-mon Gate sound assistant/Shofukutei rare light
* Application: From Wednesday, June 5 ※We accept as soon as it reaches 50 capacity and are finished
※Of the lower berth or apply by [email] [telephone].
Period From Saturday, June 1, 2019 to 30th Sunday ※It varies according to events.
Holding time [opening time] 10:00-18:00 (on Friday and Saturday until 19:00)
※Please confirm the contents mentioned above in holding time for each event.
Holding place Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum (1-19-15, Monzennakacho, Koutou-ku)
Access The Toei Oedo Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Monzen-Nakacho Station" sixth or Exit 3 3-minute walk
Sponsor Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum (Fukagawa Tourism Association)
Reference Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum
Telephone: 03-5639-1776
Email: info@fukagawatokyo.com
URL concerned http://fukagawatokyo.com/index.html (Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum official web site)
Remarks [closed days] On Monday (in the case of holiday, Tuesday, the following day becomes closing Monday)