[the end] Naughtiness disaster prevention Festa 2019 [Kiba Park]

It is park becoming base of disaster prevention at the same time as metropolitan Kiba Park is green and forest park of water.
In the park, disaster prevention experience event that parent and child and child can enjoy is held.
Through experience of disaster prevention facility and workshop in garden, it is event for the purpose of having you learn about disaster prevention happily.
There are various programs that you learn while enjoying "the skill" and "knowledge" such as necessary fire extinguishing, rescue for game sense at the time of earthquake disaster and can wear. Please participate.

Naughtiness disaster prevention Festa 2019


Sunday, June 9, 2019 9:30-13:00 ※Stormy weather cancellation, executing the event on a light rainy day


Metropolitan Kiba Park (4-6-1, Hirano, Koutou-ku) south district (contact open space and around midoriamu)


※There is partial change in rainy weather event content
(1) Tsunami violin project
・Tsunami violin concert
 It is concert using violin made from driftwood which arose from tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
(2) Disaster prevention quiz rally
(3) Park application experience corner
・"Re, it was said to collaboration worth buttocks Zorro" popular character park guide application "TOKYO PARKS PLAY". We can learn disaster prevention knowledge although being a pleasure.
(4) Expectation game of water fire extinguisher
(5) Disaster prevention fishing game
(6) Disaster prevention quoits
(7) Fukagawa police station
・Let's get on the police vehicle
・Display & uniform try-on experience
(8) Fukagawa fire department
・Firefighting vehicle display
・Ladder body omen, smoke house experience 
・Display & uniform try-on experience
・Performance by Fukagawa firefighting Boy Scouts drum and fife corps
(9) The Self-Defense Forces Tokyo region cooperation headquarters Koto branch office
・Display & uniform try-on experience
(10) Shibaura Institute of Technology corner or `nest' project made
(11) NPO corporation plus arts
・Okay! Frog caravan
We change toy which we did not use at frog point and can change with another toy with point that we raised.

Period Sunday, June 9, 2019
Holding time From 9:30 to 13:00 ※Stormy weather cancellation, executing the event on a light rainy day
Holding place Metropolitan Kiba Park contact open space and around midoriamu (4-6-1, Hirano, Koutou-ku)
Access Kiba Park Service Center
Telephone: 03-5245-1770
Sponsor Association of Tokyo Park
Reference Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Kiba Station" Exit 3 10-minute walk
URL concerned https://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/park/format/index020.html ("let's follow association of Tokyo Park official web site to park" Kiba Park page)