[the end] The twelfth Koto City environment fair

Eco of all saves the earth
The twelfth Koto City environment fair is held to deepen understanding and interest about environmental conservation although being a pleasure, and to connect with action. This theme "gets close to water". 54 exhibition booths by group, company working on environmental activity form a line and greet at various events that put their ingenuity.

●Booth stage which "gets close to water"

The making of accessories or game using shell and the sea glass of shellfish living in Tokyo Bay. We are going to perform creature introduction and quiz to live in experiment show and water regime about water on stage.

●ECO stage

There is environment activity introduction that exhibition group works on for various programs such as dance and ventriloquism, music having thick quiz and experiment show, good point concerning natural environments.

●Display of solar car

Inhabitant of a ward team produces and displays "ekokkuru 002 issue" playing an active part in solar car race held in Suzuka Circuit. Team member comments.

●Display of microminiature mobility

We display for two people electric car which is flexible with compact than bicycle (we cannot drive, but can sit in seat).

●Display of fuel cell-powered car

We utilize electric energy that we produced from hydrogen to stage lighting.

●Distribution of recycling compost

Compost which we made using the pruning branch which occurred in Koto City "hides soil" and we are free of charge and distribute (5ℓ) (400 first arrival).

●Sale of reproduction furniture

We play furniture taken out as oversized garbage neatly and hold "oversized garbage strategy to be able to be cool" to sell by lot. Lottery application until 13:00.

●happiekoraifu lottery

We can participate in lottery that can get eco-goods when we have you cooperate with questionnaire (to one time of one. As soon as premium disappears; end).

●Reconstruction aid booth

We buy Nanbu rice cracker, Morioka Reimen, special product of Iwate including Sanriku seaweed, and let's support.

●Eating and drinking sale corner

We are going to sell Yakisoba, Kameido noted product nomisopan, sandwich, deep-fried chicken, cookies, herb tea (free), soft drinks of chicken. (finished as soon as it is sold out)

●Sale of direct marketing fruits and vegetables

●In addition, (work experience, display)

<work> Work others which used original herb soap, solar car to make with small plastic bottle, wonderful accessories to make in Kofu, kaleidoscope to make using core of receipt paper, protecting against insects candle, sachet (flavor bag), scrap woods using dry herb
<display, experience> Of pen length, pen tray assembling kit sale, plane of mokuiku open space coming in contact with wooden goods, domestic tree sharpen; recycling display of maintenance activity introduction of experience, introduction of biogaden of Kiba, green curtain & Shinsuna tideland, display about garbage weight loss, household appliances product and PC, cotton kurito spinning yarn experience to work, and to make thread from cotton introduction, generation experience to move railroad model, ecodrive simulator experience for CO2 reduction of company, display of community cycle, corner that load thinnings, and can play, Super Bowl scoop others 

※Please note that held content may be changed.

Period Sunday, June 2, 2019 ※Rain or shine (we cancel at the time of heavy rain, storm official announcement)
Holding time 10:00-16:00
Holding place Koto City Environmental Learning Information Museum Ekokkuru Koto, Koto City cleaning office parking lot (1-29-7, Shiomi, Koutou-ku)
Access JR Keiyo Line "Shiomi Station" 12-minute walk, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Tatsumi Station" 20-minute walk
There is metropolitan bus for free patrol bus on that day (please refer to website of Ekokkuru Koto for the details of the time).
Sponsor Koto City, Koto City environment fair executive committee
Prices Free (paid booth includes work experiences partly.)
Reference Koto City environment fair executive committee secretariat (Ekokkuru Koto) telephone: 03-3644-7130 FAX: 3644-7135
URL concerned https://www.city.koto.lg.jp/ (website of Koto City)
http://www.ekokkuru-koto.jp/ (website of Ekokkuru Koto)
Remarks ... wish ...
・The venue is non-smoking. Please refrain from smoking except designated place.
・Entrance that we are with pet is not accepted. (except assistance dog)
・There is no trash box in venue. Please cooperate with take-out of garbage. (we would appreciate your taking diaper home.)
・There is no nursing room. As there is the temporary nursing space, the use, please call office on the second floor of the Ekokkuru Koto.
・You establish break space, but summering takes measures respectively, and come as temperature may rise in usual.
・As there is not parking space in venue, using public transport, please arrive. (there is bicycle parking lot.)