[the end] The 28th Morishita morning glory city

The first summer feature of Fukagawa, "Morishita morning glory city" are held in the Fukagawa Shinmeigu Shrine precincts.
Bowl of morning glory made with andon is one bowl 1,500 yen. We will present lottery lottery ticket without loser to customer of purchase without exception. (finished as soon as it disappears)

In venue, snow cone, delicious stall including Yakisoba are fulfilling, and various events including performance by local all of you and free distribution of fresh vegetables are varied. The event "ceremony of great exorcism to complete half a year of Shinmei shrine for summer" is held from noon, and everybody can participate.
Please spend a happy time while enjoying cool morning glory.

The 28th Morishita morning glory city
The date and time: Sunday, June 30 (rain or shine)
Place: The Fukagawa Shinmeigu Shrine precincts

* From morning glory spot sale 8:00 (morning glory one bowl 1,500 yen made with andon) with lottery ticket (there is no loser)
25 grand prize Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari pair tickets
200 A prize eating and drinking Festival Japanese flag folding fans
200 with ten B prize egg M balls
C prize BOX tissue     250

* Array of fun stall        From 8:30
* Performance of eight people River Elementary School brass band club     From 9:30
* Chorus of Yanagawa Joyfull     From 10:00
* From performance 10:30 of Fukagawa elementary school hip-hop club 
* K. From International School Tokyo "performance of orchestra club" 11:00
* From free distribution [the first 300 people] 11:30 of fresh vegetables
Period Sunday, June 30, 2019 [rain or shine]
Holding time We begin to sell from 8:00. Morning glory is finished as soon as it disappears
Holding place The Fukagawa Shinmeigu Shrine precincts (1-3-17, Morishita, Koutou-ku)
Access About 2 minutes on foot from Toei Oedo Line, Toei Shinjuku Line "Morishita Station" Exit A7
Sponsor Morning glory city executive committee
Reference Morishita Shopping Street promotion association
Telephone: 03-3631-7594
URL concerned https://www.facebook.com/ Morishita Shopping Street promotion association -124573394324795/(FaceBook of Morishita Shopping Street promotion association)