[the end] Prawns festival! "Day ® of prawns" festival in Toyosu

Gourmet event holding that is full of prawns!

"kotoo theme that "day festival of prawns" to reach the sixth in this year eats prawns which are long-lived symbol on consumption largest" and "Respect for the Aged Day of" prawns and does Japan well and gourmet event that we did.

Other than "best prawns dishes award prize giving" commending first rank cook who contributed to prawns, it is festival that is right full of prawns including "prawns dishes stand & kitchen car" which there is comparing the tastes of prawns dishes that "prawns stand (300 meals of limitation, first-come-first-served basis) of five great masters" which the strongest collaboration menu of first rank cook and prawns can taste is various.

In addition, to celebrate Respect for the Aged Day of September 16, award ceremony of "the best senior grand prix" commending long Hisato playing an active part in longevity large country Japan and person who contributed to longevity company, long-lived symbol "prawns" is performed.

The autumn arrival of appetite! Do you not go to taste delicious prawns in whole family?

Prawns festival! "Day ® of prawns" festival in Toyosu


Saturday, September 14, 2019 10:00-15:00


Toyosu Market 6 block outdoors space

Program (partly)

●Prawns dishes stand & kitchen car
Stand & kitchen car appearance for prawns "to see, and to eat, and to know", and to be able to enjoy!
●The second best prawns dishes award
Talk show by the top chefs of best prawns dishes award prize winner is held, too.
●Prawns stand of five great masters
Japanese, Western, and Chinese style first rank cook devises menu which can eat prawns most deliciously with every effort! ※300 meals of limitation, first-come-first-served basis
●The sixth best senior award
It commends person who contributed to long Hisato & longevity company playing an active part in Japan, long-lived symbol "prawns".
Period Saturday, September 14, 2019
Holding time 10:00-15:00
Holding place Toyosu Market (6, Toyosu, Koutou-ku) 6 block outdoors space
Access Yurikamome Line "Shijomae Station" getting off is immediate
Sponsor Association of Japan prawns
Reference Association of Japan prawns prawns festival! Executive committee
Telephone: 03-3546-3551
Email: ebifes@ebikyoukai.jp
※Inquiry is impossible to become office absence on the day before event on that day.
URL concerned https://ebikyoukai.jp/ebifes/ (prawns festival! Official web site)