[the end] The 15th Toyosu Halloween parade & disguise contest

We do favorite disguise, and let's enjoy in the town of Toyosu!

"Toyosu Halloween parade" which reaches the 15th in this year.
Cute witch and fear - io change themselves, and popular characters do favorite disguise and parade around town of Toyosu.

Receptionist is the day! Child participates, too, and adult OK's, too!
As well as main parade, we carry out plural contents including disguise contest and stage performance.

We participate in vaunted disguise, and let's swell very much.

The 15th Toyosu Halloween parade & disguise contest

Schedule: Sunday, October 27, 2019

Disguise University parade

Both child and adult disguise themselves, and is grand march on road of Toyosu. It is popular parade where the number of participants increases to year by year. Prior application is unnecessary, and anyone can participate. We prepare present of prize for participation for 500 children by the first arrival.
■Reception hours: 13:30 ...
※Standing in line takes time to become parade of 1,000 scales. Please finish acceptance early.
■Start time: 15:30-16:30
■Reception desk place: Fukagawa fifth Junior High School disguise University parade reception desk counter
■Required matter: Both child and adult are participation with disguise look

Stage event

We show performance by each group on stage. After having finished acceptance of parade, please enjoy.
■Start time: ①13:30-14:00/② 14:30-15:00
■Place: Fukagawa fifth Junior High School special stage

Disguise contest

Between stage shows, we carry out disguise contest. Child can participate in all adults, too. You go up to stage, and please show wonderful disguise look. Please participate in the first (14:00-14:30), the second (15:00-15:15), either convenient time. We present luxurious prize to ten prizewinners.
■Reception hours: 13:30 ...
■Start time: ①14:00-14:30/② 15:00-15:15/commendation 15:15 ...
■Reception desk place: Is given of Fukagawa fifth Junior High School cake; parade or disguise University parade reception desk counter
■Place: Fukagawa fifth Junior High School special stage

We get cake and parade [prior application system]

Among Toyosu Shopping Street (Toyosu Shopping Association participation shop), it is parade to march while getting cake visiting 3 stores of 4, Toyosu. The time required is about 30 minutes. In prior application system, participation of 300 children (to sixth grader) is possible by lot. ※We get cake, and, regardless of election, defeat of parade, anyone can participate in disguise University parade.
■Reception hours: 13:30 ...
■Start time: 14:30-15:00
■Participation qualification: 300 elected candidates to primary schoolchild sixth grader
■Reception desk, meeting place: Is given of Fukagawa fifth Junior High School cake; parade reception desk counter, school grounds ※As you stand in line before start, please finish acceptance early.
■Required matter: Bringing of identification of participation postcard, participation with disguise look
[given of cake about parade application]
You fill in the requirements on application paper of distribution at the following stores, and please mail application method to red exclusive BOX of setting in the shop. The application deadline until Saturday, September 21. Result ships identification of participation postcard only targeting at elected candidates on around Tuesday, October 1.
■Application method: We fill out application paper of distribution in the following application place or mall participation shop and apply at application place (6 stores). Simultaneous application of up to ten people is possible (overlap application is rejected).
■Application place: Stand Ichimura/palette shop Chiba and/of meat; see; chain Toyosu shop/Sugaya rice cleaning shop/peru e Mel/supermarket Sakagami
■The application deadline: Saturday, September 21

※As for the details, please see the lower berth official web site.
Period Sunday, October 27, 2019
Holding place Koto Ward Fukagawa fifth Junior High School (4-11-18, Toyosu, Koutou-ku)
Access Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Toyosu Station" Exit 5 5-minute walk/Yurikamome Line "Toyosu Station" south exit 5-minute walk
Reference Toyosu Shopping Association cooperative
URL concerned http://www.toyosu.or.jp/ (Toyosu Shopping Association cooperative official web site)