[the end] Show thing, and come; festival in Kameido

Area registration shop participation for the purpose of "coming!", and welcoming visitor and visit visitor by no words, and providing vaunted products and service, hospitality, and connecting with attracting tourist and the use promotion to shop, area activity-shaped; "show thing", and is common knowledge event.
Shops in Koto City gather in Kameido station square vehicle-free promenade! As there are stage events such as boccia experience and Tokyo Olympics leading, dance, you buy by all means and see, and please participate!

Show thing, and come; festival in Kameido
Shops in Koto City gather in Kameido station square vehicle-free promenade!

●Refreshment stand color color "thing we show market"
●For dance Fukagawa dance show "performance open space"
●Tennis game boccia "sports experience open space"
●"Kids corner" including the making of can batch, yoyo fishing
Koto City sightseeing character Kotomi comes to play, too!
The event last will dance Tokyo Olympics leading together.

◆Koto City culture tour guide opens the business trip town walk information desk
We have brochure of neighboring guidance and we wait and walk and provide consultation.
Please participate in the
town of advance reservations-free entrance fee for free walk tour (necessary 45 minutes).
Guide informs of God, Kameido Tenjinsha Shrine of study, God, Katorijinja Shrine of sports and will be that there is rediscovery let alone person of next town toward the hometown. 13:00-16:00 (the last receptionist)

"Show thing"; toha
By abbreviation of "attractive excavation dispatch business of Koto shop", we send attractive information of store in ward through Web site and free paper, event.

Period Sunday, September 29, 2019
Holding time 12:00-17:00 (as for the event until 16:30)
Holding place Kameido station square vehicle-free promenade (street between 13, Kameido)
Access The JR Sobu Line Kameido Station north exit is immediate
Sponsor Show thing; the secretariat
Person in charge of Koto City economy section commerce promotion
Reference Show thing; the secretariat
TEL: 03-5875-9583
FAX: 03-5875-9584
URL concerned https://kotomise.jp/ (kotomiseno website)