[the end] The temporary exhibition "birth of modern times <haiku> and genealogy" [Basho Museum]

In the Meiji era, Shiki Masaoka advocated haiku innovation, and "general term for haiku and linked verse" met big turning point as the cause of modern thought, "haiku" literarily. We take up what reaches by haiku innovation in change and the present age.

The temporary exhibition "birth of modern times <haiku> and genealogy"

Exhibition period

From Thursday, October 31, 2019 to Sunday, December 8


Basho Museum (1-6-3, Tokiwa, Koutou-ku)

Opening time

9:30-17:00 (as for the admission until 16:30)

Closed days

4 second Monday (in the case of holiday the next day)

Viewing charges

General 200 yen/primary and secondary student 50 yen

Temporary exhibition "genealogy of modern times <haiku> with birth" memory lecture

We were affected by Shiki Masaoka who advocated haiku innovation, and, in the Meiji era, many haiku poets played an active part including Kyoshi Takahama and Hekigodo Kawahigashi. At lecture, haiku poet who insisted on original how to compose haikus does not attract attention, but you pay attention to haiku poets becoming key person, and please talk in viewpoint only by lecturer Akio.
Sunday, November 24, 2019 14:00-15:40
Basho Museum meeting room
50 people
○Membership fee
500 yen ※Only for the day of the lecture, viewing is possible in exhibition room
Bin Akio (the haiku poet, "axis" haiku society sponsorship)
Is telephone (03-3631-1448) or window to Basho Museum; (first-come-first-served basis)

[during admission ticket sale common throughout three halls]
We are selling "admission ticket which can enter Fukagawa Edo Museum, Basho Museum, 3 building of Nakagawa Funabansho Museum common throughout history three hall". It is effective for one year from the first use day!
Adult (usually) 800 yen ⇒ 500 yen, small, junior high student (usually) 150 yen ⇒ 100 yen.

Period From Thursday, October 31, 2019 to Sunday, December 8
Holding time 9:30-17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Holding place Basho Museum (1-6-3, Tokiwa, Koutou-ku)
Access Toei Oedo Line, Toei Shinjuku Line "Morishita Station" Exit A1 7-minute walk
Sponsor Koto City culture community foundation
Reference Basho Museum
Telephone: 03-3631-1448
FAX: 03-3634-0986
URL concerned https://www.kcf.or.jp/basho/ (Koto City culture community foundation official web site)
Remarks Closing: 4 second Monday (in the case of holiday, we are opened and are closed the next day)