Koto City having tradition, the future, city of attractive waters, three attractive faces

Koto City whole view

Koto City whole view (we photograph from the Tokyo Bay sky)

Koto City which is located in the eastern part of Tokyo's 23 wards.

A variety of railroads including JR, subway run in ward and, also, from terminal stations of Tokyo Station, are one of the best tourist attractions in Tokyo such as Asakusa or Imperial Palace, Tokyo Skytree ®, area that is very convenient though we visit again as outing place on the weekend as part of Tokyo Tours from Tokyo Disney Resort within the range of 30 minutes.

"Traditional", keyword on enjoying sightseeing, outing in Koto City is "city of attractive waters" "the future".

We can have a glimpse of the arrival in the times when it is new from figure of business entertainment, culture art facility skyscrapers gathering mainly on Rinkai Area in southern ward, "the future" of city while it is unbroken and can feel "tradition" of ward that has been inherited more than generation in Fukagawa, Joto Area of inland of ward from the Edo era when full-scale development of land began. Furthermore, it is rich water and "city of attractive waters" among green and can enjoy space of healing to spread throughout ward while being in the downtown area.

Charm as "city of attractive waters", "tradition" and contrastive charm called "the future" further live together, and "we wait, and walk" is recommended for technique to enjoy Koto City harmonizing again. Metropolitan bus running in the ward like mesh of a net is convenient for movement of area other than railroad.

Culture, traditional arts of Koto City

Image of culture, traditional arts of Koto City

Yahata, Fukagawa festival

It is unbroken and, in Fukagawa, Joto Area of inland of ward, can feel "tradition" of ward that has been inherited more than generation from the Edo era when full-scale development of land began. Fukagawa Area which prospered as wood, warehouse business, the town of rice, oil wholesale dealer in the Edo era let bustle, bloom of Edo general public culture bloom mainly on annual functions such as festival, exhibiting a Buddhist image of Shinto shrine Buddhist temple as pleasure place of Edo citizen. On the other hand, Joto Area prospered by supplying culinary plants to Edo citizen as farmland in the suburbs of Edo and, also, was known as pleasure resort in the suburbs of Edo.

When it is the Meiji era, it is in large land and industrial area of Tokyo that used transportation by water, and Koto-ku contributes to the Japanese modernization, but two big tragedy called the Great Kanto Earthquake and Tokyo blitzkrieg attacks ward.

We suffer big damage in whole ward, and many landmark architectures have been destroyed by fire, but cultural assets which survived the disaster scatter in ward, and, also, while general public culture such as festival and traditional arts (folk entertainment), Traditional Art, meal of Shinto shrine Buddhist temple which protects, and has been brought up by local people repeats development in postwar period, it is unbroken and is inherited in the present age, and there are many sightseeing, outing spot and events that can feel Edo atmosphere, downtown area taste.

List of folk entertainment of Koto City

All have history and climate of ward and close relation by folk entertainment that has been inherited from the Edo era.
It is opened to the public in "Folk entertainment display" held by the Koto Citizens' Festival center Festival of October and "gathering (note) of the New Year folk entertainment" held in January every year.

(note) lumber-carriers' work song prayer to Buddha of Kiba is not released by gathering of folk entertainment on the New Year. In addition, river-conveyance lumberjack of Kiba becomes only the video screening.

Coe, toe

Koto City sightseeing character
Downtown area native "Coe, toe" loving festival

Brother of festival enthusiast, Coe and toe. We express KOTO in the whole body.
We publicize "tradition" to breathe in Koto City.

Koto City to project the future on

Image of Koto City to project the future on

Night view around the Toyosu

In late years, mainly on southern Rinkai Area of ward, facility with neo-futuristic scenery including large-scale convention facility, culture facilities such as the Hall of Science, museum, shopping entertainment facility full of a large number of people is built in sequence and can have a glimpse of the arrival in the times when it is new from the figure, "the future" of city. As for the Rinkai Area, "Toyosu new market" is established, and much new sightseeing, construction of outing spot is planned in future, and it is expected that sightseeing, outing spots to project the future on will increase in future.

Areas to project area that can feel nostalgia including Edo atmosphere, downtown area taste and the highest image of city, future on live together, and Koto City can find comparison and harmony in everywhere by taking a walk through town.


Koto City sightseeing character
Koto City city of the future PR captain "hero"

Hero who flutters yellow mantle, and runs around the sky freely. We like drop of water-shaped helmet.
"The future" We publicize Koto City developing toward this.

City of attractive waters, Koto

Image of city of attractive waters, Koto City

Former Nakagawa river station

Koto City is always area that accomplished development with water and relation historically. We arrange Arakawa and the Sumida River for east and west of ward, and the south faces Tokyo Bay. Furthermore, river, canal where is beyond 50 kilometers of total extension lies across ward in length and breadth, and water parks are maintained again, and there is much green, and water which is rich in the downtown area while there is and space of healing among green are spreading "city of attractive waters".

Water bus to operate around the Sumida River connects with Asakusa and Odaiba, and sightseeing ship is navigated in river which further runs in Fukagawa, Joto Area and can enjoy various cruising. In "Former Nakagawa river station" which opened in March, 2013, river can look at figure launched like a brick amphibious bus. In addition, walk and outdoor in waterside, sightseeing, outing spot and event that are the most good for "city of attractive waters" including leisure are full loading.

Kotomi 1

Koto City sightseeing character
Idol "Kotomi" of waterside

Girl of waterfowl loving to play in waterside, Kotomi.
Big head of two bodies and hair ornament of flower sasanqua of Koto City are charm point.
We publicize that Koto City is water and "city of attractive waters" among green.
We start activity as idol of waterside in October, 2012 in earnest and play an active part as mascot girl of various events and We challenge "mascot Grand Prix" and enlarge place of achievement.

Kotomi 2 Kotomi 3 Kotomi 3

Idol "Kotomi" of waterside is playing an active part in various events!