List of folk entertainment of Koto City

River-conveyance lumberjack of Kiba

Koto City registration intangible folk cultural properties (folk entertainment)/Tokyo-designated intangible folk cultural properties (folk entertainment)

Wood that rafter (Kawanami) of Kiba floated river-conveyance lumberjack (seaweed to write) of Kiba on waterside in the Edo era, It occurred from pastime of work to know how to ride with one fire hook, and to make to raft. This increased many techniques and developed as entertainment.
Wood used for river-conveyance lumberjack needs technique than logrolling to use squared lumber. To performance of river-conveyance lumberjack, Kasai musical accompaniment is played by fast tempo.

Umbrella riding folding fan gets on from ground riding riding together and parts and gets on, and one pair of komageta-passenger a pair of high clogs-passenger kingfisher-passenger gets on, and acrobatic performances on a ladder three treasures-passenger return palanquin gets on

River-conveyance lumberjack 01 of Kiba

River-conveyance lumberjack 02 of Kiba

River-conveyance lumberjack 03 of Kiba