List of folk entertainment of Koto City

Sand village musical accompaniment

Koto City-designated intangible folk cultural properties (folk entertainment)

Sand village musical accompaniment (do not do Murabayashi) at the beginning of the Kyoho year (1716-36) Shinto priesthood Tamaki Nose (firewood which rode) of Myojin, Katori Corporation of Kanamachi (current Kasai Shrine), We tell farmer musical accompaniment, and it is said that that spread out in farm village of neighborhood. We play with large drum 1, drum with its heads attached to the cylinder with cords 2, bamboo flute 1, gong 1 in one of the festival music of the Edo neighborhood as well as Kasai musical accompaniment and Kanda musical accompaniment. Including Tomigaoka Hachimangu Shrine, it is played at festival of Shinto shrine in ward, place of wedding.

Elementary secrets of an art: Stand Sei 4, Kamakura stand
Middle biography: The stand Sei Kamakura Kanda-maru four orders eyes stand
Everybody is biography: Stand Sei Kamakura dullness giraffe appearance Kameido

Sand village musical accompaniment 01

Sand village musical accompaniment 02