List of folk entertainment of Koto City

Festival dance of Yahata, Tomioka

Koto City registration immaterial folk cultural assets (folk entertainment)

Festival dance (we wind up lever) of Yahata, Tomioka has tradition since the Edo era by entertainment to be carried out for big festival once in three years of Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine. The etymology of festival dance is unclear, but is said to be when we carry stone and tree in great numbers when it is person commanding at the head, corruption of in front of lever (lever ago). It is people of local volunteer now that act as festival dance. Attire does so that one shoulder casts long undergarment of daihiji (daitsuki) to man's topknot and is jacket and casual hakama (tattsuke) niwarajibakitoiu wearing men's clothes of shoulder discharge dyeing. There is not conduct in particular, but we lead mikoshi line and work out in lumber-carriers' work song.

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Festival dance 01 of Yahata, Tomioka

Festival dance 02 of Yahata, Tomioka

Festival dance 03 of Yahata, Tomioka