Director greetings

  • Director

    Koto City Tourism Association started as all ward-like sightseeing middle support-shaped organizations of Koto City that we promoted in April, 2013, and more than four years passed.

    A large number of venues are located in ward and it is literally in held center and will greet traveler by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics from the whole world.

    Country adopts "tourism nation promotion basic plan" at a Cabinet meeting in March, 2012 and changes the number of the visit to Japan foreign tourists target to 40 million people from 20 million to double in 2020 with it is "sightseeing vision supporting tomorrow's Japan" which we devised in March, 2016 and aims at "Japan which the world wants to visit" newly and it is one public and private sectors and works on realization of measure of sightseeing vision. In addition, Tokyo devises "Blanding strategy of Tokyo" in March, 2015, too and promotes dispatch of Tokyo brand strongly for home and abroad.

    In this ward, devise Koto City sightseeing promotion plan (the latter period) in March, 2016, and gather measure that is more strategic and systematic for further improvement of Koto City in charm and creation of turnout; show directionality about base reinforcement in sightseeing promotion of this ward for Tokyo meeting together in 2020.
    Environment surrounding tourism industry in this way is place that is expected to bring great economy ripple effect for other industry as for the activation of tourism industry extremely brightly.

    Strenuous efforts will make an effort to plan further enhancement of business without missing wave of this change even if we do with this association, and to greatly jump.

    Go ahead through the reinforcement of member to enliven sightseeing of Koto City with all of you in Koto City attracting world attention and want to make promotion of tourist industry of Koto City which there is for the purpose of this association and healthy development a firm one.

    We guide to have you have you understand purpose of this association and enroll.

    May, 2017
    General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association
    Director Satohiro Akiyama

  • Business outline

    In Koto City Tourism Association, we perform the next business (including plan).

    • (1) Collection and dispatch of information about sightseeing
    • (2) Cooperation to cooperation and sightseeing administration with regional societies moving into action about sightseeing promotion
    • (3) Holding of event about sightseeing
    • (4) Investigation, study, plan about sightseeing
    • (5) Management administration of sightseeing-related facility
    • (6) Offer of convenience to sightseeing-related facility user and visitor
    • (7) Development promotion, advertising, sale of sightseeing product
    • (8) Travel agency based on Travel Agent Act
    • (9) Business necessary to achieve purpose of association of others book

    Koto City Tourism Association articles of association ⇒ downloading this (PDF, 0.3MB)

Information of the enrollment

We will run membership fee to have you put Koto City Tourism Association from members and subsidy from Koto City for resources.
We have you approve of approach of this association and participate in administration or accept the enrollment of various places of individual, corporation which you continue from fund side and can support and group at any time.

Member classification

When you have you enroll, please choose any of the following member classification. In addition, member classification does not have individual, corporation, division of group.

Regular member

It is member division having independent people who also participate in continuously enroll in activity and administration of association. We can attend at general meeting of members that is engine voting for about important bill about association administration such as election or financial statements of officer and have voting right.

Support member (supporting member)

By member division having people whom we continue activity and administration of association from fund side and support enroll, even anyone can enroll. Voting right of general meeting of members does not have.

Enrollment fee, annual fee

  • Regular member
    We are free of charge for the time being
    Five shares or more (one share of annual sum 2,000 yen)
  • Support member (supporting member)
    Free of charge
    One share or more (one share of annual sum 2,000 yen)

Annual fee becomes by unit in the year.
It is sum that multiplied the number of by 1/10 amount of money of the desired number of persons in months from the enrollment month to March of the year about the new enrollment membership fee amount of money on the way in the year after July.
In addition, we will not return paid annual fee anymore.

Membership benefit

Other than thing to list below, we examine addition of privilege while we will push forward activity in future.

  • Regular member
    Sending such as bulletin to tell about activities of association or local information or delivery
    Licensing (application required) in the name of tourist industry and support and cooperation, support to disseminating information that regular member performs
    Participation in planning to various meeting bodies examining new businesses that association sets up
    Link (only when we hope) with member information for free publication to our homepage and member homepage
    Discount, association of banner ad charges of our homepage, advertisement publication charges to tour guide maps give a discount of participation fee, exhibition charges to sponsorship or event to participate in (advertisement, exhibition offer gives priority to regular member)
  • Support member (supporting member)
    Sending such as bulletin to tell about activities of association or local information or delivery
    Offer of special treatment, privilege that followed regular member

The enrollment procedure

The enrollment procedure varies according to member classification. Please use membership application form after downloading.
⇒(PDF version, WORD version)

Regular member

Please bring after filling out the requirements in membership application form in FAX, mail or association office window. I check the enrollment qualification based on standard that I established in association at the secretariat and, after the documents reception desk, will inform about the next procedure.

Support member (supporting member)

Please bring after filling out the requirements in membership application form in FAX, mail or association office window. After the documents confirmation, I will inform about the later procedure.

Introduction of member (regular member) according to type of industry

Introduction of member (regular member) according to the Japanese syllabary

The association location, reference

The location: The 〒 135-0016 4-5-18, Touyo, Koutou-ku Koto City industrial hall (map)
Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Toyocho Station" Exit 4 is immediate
Telephone: 03-6458-7400
FAX: 03-6458-7420
The business date and time: From 9:00 to 17:00 (Saturday, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year rest)