Sano miso Kameido main store

Sano miso Kameido main store All 60 kinds of miso sells by measure (from 300 g). "* murie" recommends the most suitable miso while tasting.
Discerning reckoning thing, pickled plum, seasoning, food is all 1,000 kinds. We were particular about one article of one article, natural taste.
We wait for your visit, all the staff.

Sano miso Kameido main store
TEL 03-3685-6111
Address 1-35-8, Kameido, Koutou-ku
Access JR Sobu Line, Tobu Kameido Line "Kameido Station" north exit 4-minute walk
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Three Sakae temple

Three Sakae temple We let local "Toyosu" activate and want to develop together, and Western confectionery "patisserie SAKURA" develops 3 different stores of business style such as Spain bar "bar burettsua" bakery "peru e Mel" for password in "it is as for us in oasis of town", and all the companies pushes on as a team to be able to be pleased with local.

Three Sakae temple
TEL ◆peru e Mel 03-3533-9588
◆Patisserie SAKURA 03-3531-3521
◆Bar burettsua 03-3532-5511
Address ◆peru e Mel 5-5-1, Toyosu, Koutou-ku shierukoto 1F
◆Patisserie SAKURA 4-2-2, Toyosu, Koutou-ku
◆Bar burettsua 4-7-2, Toyosu, Koutou-ku
Access ◆It is Yurikamome Line "Toyosu Station" 1-minute walk immediately peru e Mel Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Toyosu Station" 6b exit
◆Patisserie SAKURA Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Toyosu Station" Exit 4 1-minute walk, Yurikamome Line "Toyosu Station" 2-minute walk
◆Bar burettsua Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Toyosu Station" Exit 4 3-minute walk, Yurikamome Line "Toyosu Station" 4-minute walk
URL (website of three Sakae temple)

Butting in with silly joke

Butting in with silly joke We produce cakes for fairs which chocolate banana, child including apple candy are pleased with other than Japanese confectioneries in Misato-shi, Saitama. As you perform refreshment stand store opening, please call festival, fireworks festival, various events.

Butting in with silly joke
TEL 048-958-4751
Address 217-1, Hanta, Misato-shi, Saitama
Access From JR Musashino Line "Shin-Misato Station" a 10-minute walk

Pleasure boat Harumi shop

Pleasure boat Harumi shop 144 industry largest capacity <white hawk> went into service! It is ship of comfortable specifications belonging to all ship kotatsu sets in the floor, sky decks.
Burning hot tempura to handle one fresh Edo-style conger eel to stock from market, and to fry in ship is exquisite every morning. In addition, please enjoy homemade dishes and night view of Tokyo spreading in front that master of Japanese dishes makes for labor and time.

Pleasure boat Harumi shop
TEL 03-3644-1344
Address 6-17-12, Higashisuna, Koutou-ku (office)
Seven 3-1, Harumi, Chuo-ku (boarding ground) other Tokyo
Access From metropolitan bus "former Kasai Bridge" stop a 4-minute walk (office)
From Toei Oedo Line "Kachidoki Station" seven 5-minute walk other Tokyo
URL (website of Harumi shop)


PICO COFFEE From Fukagawa area, we send the best coffee beans by the best roast.
Specialty coffee which is said to be 5% of traffic. We proceed to production center and purchase by oneself and sell coffee called rarer microlot.
Sign of life is "FUKAGAWA GEISHA" drip background bay souvenir. We sell rarity class geisha known as heavy price with Japanese-style package of Fukagawa geisha.

TEL 03-3641-0303
Address 3-7-5-1F, Botan, Koutou-ku, Tokyo
Access Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Monzen-Nakacho Station" Exit 2 5-minute walk
JR Keiyo Line "Etchujima Station" 10-minute walk
URL Website of COFFEE)

Meijiza Higashisuna office

Meijiza Higashisuna office It is the founding 140 rest of life in Nihonbashihamacho. It is Meijiza Higashisuna office that sends theater of downtown area and taste of familiar "Meijiza" tradition. By meal which is delicious at meeting, event, we help all of you. In addition, use of event using theater, please feel free to contact, too.

Meijiza Higashisuna office
TEL 03-5635-5050
Address 8-7-18, Higashisuna, Koutou-ku
Access A 12-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Minami-Sunamachi Station" 2a exit
URL (website of Meijiza)

The mountain up

The mountain up Delicious pure mijiu and shop of handmade snacks.
Fish and vegetables which are fresh from Toyosu Market,
We order delicious ingredients from each place.
We see kashigikomi to cook with iron pan, and rice (saury, oyster, Asari) is popular.
Takikomi gohan requires reservation from 3 go (4-6 portions).

The mountain up
TEL 03-3635-7504
Address 1-3-9, Shinohashi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo
Access It is a 3-minute walk from Toei Oedo Line, Toei Shinjuku Line "Morishita Station" A3