Photo library Terms of Use

These terms determine necessary matter about General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association (we say "our association" as follows) consenting to use of photograph data registered with photo library.

1.Purpose of permission to use photograph data

Image registered with "photo library" (we say "this site" as follows) consents to use in free of charge only when our association uses charm of sightseeing of Koto City for the purpose of introduction, advertising widely.
Person (we say "user" as follows) who is going to receive consent of use, please file for licensing application after agreement about these terms.
In addition, there is not limit in particular about reading.

2.Reversion of right

  1. Photograph data are protected by law about Copyright Act or other intangible property right and treaty.
  2. Copyright of photograph data belongs to third party who offered photograph to our association and our association.
    Therefore photograph data cannot use reproduction, reproduction, sale, loan except accepted exception in Copyright Act without permission in our association with the licensing right.
  3. Photograph data make licensing under the condition prescribed by these terms, and our association follows after the licensing, and they maintain the licensing right of photograph.

3.The rights to use

  1. Our association consents for user who inputs purpose of use, and downloaded the right to use of photograph data on condition prescribed in these terms non-exclusively.
  2. User must handle photograph data with attention of good manager.

4.Range of licensing

  1. As for the user, use of photograph data is consented to only for publicity work for the purpose of sightseeing promotion of Koto City. In addition, in the case of next, we prohibit use.
    1. ① You produce things which saleability depends on image material itself for, and sell. (picture postcard, calendar for sale, collection of digital data)
    2. ② It is against sightseeing measure of Koto City and our association and the conduct
    3. ③ We aim at only religion purpose
    4. ④ It is against public order and morals
    5. ⑤ We are tied to criminal act
    6. ⑥ We violate copyrights such as third parties
    7. ⑦ We violate property, privacy such as third parties
    8. ⑧ We slander third parties and slander
    9. ⑨ It conflicts with thing similar to preelection campaigning, election campaign of election or these and the Public Officers Election Act
    10. ⑩ In addition, it is against law
  2. It is said that it is 1 application, and use of photograph data is only for once. When it is like turning point and uses, please apply again even if it is the same photograph data.
  3. Applicant will limit to group of companies. Please inquire for application in individuals separately.
  4. There is not limit of the number of sheets because of one application about member of our association. We do to up to three pieces because of one application about nonmember.


  1. Please write credit (notation example: ": General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association photo courtesy"). When notation is difficult, please consult.

6.The handling after use

"User shall remove all digital data which we saved immediately in production process after works were completed for prevention of abuse such as third parties.


  1. We forbid use except purpose of use that we applied for to offer.
  2. We forbid that we hand over right based on these terms to third party and have sublet of photograph data or we change use, o of photograph data of.
  3. Or we manufacture photograph data which we used in form that is almost that alone and forbid that we use for commercial transactions such as sale.
  4. We forbid to change image to have of original photograph of by corrections such as colors of photograph.
  5. We enlarge photograph and forbid use spoiling image to have of original photograph by quantity of data lack remarkably.

8.Terms violation

  1. When it violates these terms, the right to use consented to disappears without notice immediately.
  2. When user violates one of these terms or when act that relationship of mutual trust with our association is lost is accepted, our association shall be able to prohibit use of photograph data anytime. In addition, I may decline following use.

9.Immunity from responsibility

  1. Please perform use of photograph data by responsibility of user.
    Even if the damage or disadvantage occurred by use of photograph data, our association does not take responsibility about the damage or disadvantage at all.
  2. Our association does not guarantee accuracy, usefulness and integrity about contents of photo library.
    In addition, our association does not take responsibility at all even if disadvantage or the damage occurred to user or other third parties due to the contents concerned unless they are caused by intention of our association or gross negligence.
  3. When handling of rights such as right of likeness, trademark, copyright, patent right, usufruct about person, article, place as photograph subject is necessary, user shall perform.
    Our association does not take responsibility about disputes due to these rights at all.

10. Submission of result product

User, please submit works which we produced using photograph data to our association.
In the case of publications to publication such as magazine, book, please send one copy of completion printed matter.
In the case of notice, please let the media such as newspaper, TV know notice day, broadcast days.
In the case of notice, please let WEB know notice day, URL.

Result product submission

The 4-5-18, Touyo, Koutou-ku, Tokyo Koto City industrial hall
It is addressed to General Incorporated Association Koto City Tourism Association photo library person in charge
Phone number: 03-6458-7400 FAX: 03-6458-7420