The acquisition of personal information

On access/reading to our website, we may not acquire personal information such as address/full names to identify birth and parentage of customer. But website (application page) of the business main constituent, event organizer needing input of full name, address, e-mail address may become link when we introduce event and sightseeing service that Koto City others perform. On input, application, please confirm privacy policy of linked website separately.
In addition, we use personal information that we got in the case of inquiry by telephone and email only for contact with customer and do not use in other purposes.

Management of personal information

In administration of our website, we observe laws and ordinances, model applied about personal information. We take appropriate safety management measures to prevent leak, loss of personal information and publicize in association and are thorough and, about safety management measures, act for the improvement as needed. In addition, we may not offer personal information to third party without being customer, and obtaining the front's consent.
In addition, we shall take appropriate measures against the trust concerned when the outside entrusts third party with privacy policy so that personal information of customer is protected appropriately.

Disclosure of personal information

The following case may disclose personal information in particular.

  • When disclosure is demanded based on law from the police, court or public institution according to this
  • When it is necessary for life of customer, protection of property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent

Collection of access information

On our website, we may use record (access log) that customer accessed as reference information of improvement in service, but may not pay our attention to coup de grace, specific ID for investigation of the use trend as the entirety for better administration.

About link

Links from our website to other Web sites are intended to just provide facility for customer and do not guarantee privacy policy and accessibility of linked website.