[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] NPO corporation court noble Fukagawa director, secretary general Masako Yoshida

Fukagawa native which is full of curiosity sets
Charm of court noble Fukagawa interesting happily

We want to do the town of Fukagawa revitalization which was born and raised.

Please tell about NPO corporation court noble Fukagawa.

 NPO corporation court noble Fukagawa was born in 2005. Member at the time of establishment had more local welfare officers who knew a lot about area. I am in charge of plan and public information of business from the beginning of establishment.
 Court noble Fukagawa is town succeeding to many history, culture, traditions to this day from the Edo era. We make use of those tourist attractions and develop various business under the theme of "we know town and hear and taste". For example, event that waited, and combined "meal of Edo" with walk. In addition, a lot of canals exist in the past and are performing business that put waterside together from regionality remaining as river now. We discover treasure buried from history, culture, tradition that land called court noble Fukagawa has and make plan promoting pulling in customers and repeat from the outside and want to connect with local activation.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] A lot of NPO corporation court noble Fukagawa director, secretary general Masako Yoshida waterside and events that wait, and put walk together are holding
Waterside and a lot of events that wait, and put walk together are held

What kind of thought would establishment include?

 The parents' house graduated from Fukagawa elementary school in bookstore which lasted four generations founded at 2, Tokiwa, Koutou-ku in 1894. There was shop in Kiyosumi-dori St., but store lined up closely, and they were full in old days in main street. However, we closed shop in 1983. Afterwards, we have begun to work in staff of part-time service as librarian who managed book as Morishita, Koto-ku Culture Center opened, and big library room was done in hall. Originally there was contemplation to area because it was hometown, but university had gone to school out of the area again from junior high school, and it came to strongly hold thought to area to have done job of local coherence in Culture Center. We wanted to do in particular Takabashi, Morishita of the Fukagawa northern part where we were born and raised, the town of Shin-ohashi Bridge revitalization.
 But history and culture of Fukagawa are often connected with main residence area (some Sumida-ku) when they see town in viewpoint called Edo. Therefore we thought about town revitalization at vertical line which not only Fukagawa but also court noble included.

We utilize meal of Edo to resources of regional activation.

What kind of activity did you carry out after the establishment?

 At first, for what performed to have person who visited area know town; "wait, and is the guide" (guide) training. In the times when there was not tour guide in Koto City yet, this activity caused Koto City culture tour guide in those days. Various places and regional alliances of other wards deepened possible interchange while myself participating in sightseeing planner upbringing business of Tokyo for two and a half years from the establishment next year, and studying. Encounter of this time became edge, and tied guide of Koto, Sumida, Minato-ku and performed "Heisei Chushingura" using ship business.
 In addition, we walk town which featured the theme of Matsuo Basho and Heizo Hasegawa with relationship in this area and develop event, much business including reproduction of meal of Edo. It was not court noble Fukagawa, but has been consulted with "is it not possible for town revitalization in Kyu-Nakagawa?" from Manager of town assembly of Ojima district. We discover history that cultivated broad beans in Ojima in the Edo era and set "Ojima Kyu-Nakagawa broad bean festival" five years ago and are holding every year now in May. We ask local school because we cannot cultivate broad beans in riverbed of Kyu-Nakagawa and have you bring up in planter.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] "Heizo low dining table" which reproduced menu of NPO corporation court noble Fukagawa director, secretary general Masako Yoshida novel "ogre flat criminal record"
"Heizo low dining table" which reproduced menu of novel "ogre flat criminal record"

"Heizo low dining table" was developed and became big topic last year. 

 Thanks to you, Tokyo Shimbun greatly took up, and, as for event "Heizo, watchman cho and Heizo low dining table of ogre" which waited, and put walk and "Heizo low dining table" together, there was application as I declined. Chef of local Japanese dishes shop reproduced "Heizo low dining table" with dishes which we reproduced while imitating cooking of the Edo era from cooking to come up to novel "ogre flat criminal record". We plan event that ship sight-seeing and "Heizo magistrate in charge of managing the shogunate's private property" can enjoy on April 11, this year. Using spring ingredients which we looked for from novel, we think that we can show cooking there.
 We developed "one of Heizo preference udon" which came up to "ogre flat criminal record" jointly with noodles association and we had Edo nigiri-zushi "daikawanigirisozuke" which did origin (kaoku*hei of the two countries, sushi of pine of Ataka) in court noble Fukagawa cooperate with local sushi restaurant and Mizkan and developed until now. We register a trademark of both and become menu at some stores.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] "daikawanigirisozuke" which reproduced nigiri-zushi of NPO corporation court noble Fukagawa director, the secretary general Masako Yoshida Edo era develops jointly with local sushi restaurant and Mizkan
"daikawanigirisozuke" which reproduced nigiri-zushi of the Edo era develops jointly with local sushi restaurant and Mizkan

Finally I would like charm of future ambition and Koto City.

 When Koto City greatly separates, there are Fukagawa district, Joto district, seaside part, and there is each face. Above all, Fukagawa has history and culture, tradition that they piled up from the Edo era, and area resources which want to introduce are rich.
We want to bring up guide led by student in future. As power of young person continues all the time. Is fun in area, if have think that is interesting, lead to former development. It is "guide of town" who can guide "what of this shop is delicious" and whole area as well as historic guidance that is demanded now.
 Because we were born and raised in Fukagawa in person, we understand local people and history well, too. For new development and idea, we want to season charm of this town more interestingly.
(February 21, 2018 coverage)

Koto Who's who in Koto-ku

NPO corporation court noble Fukagawa director, secretary general Masako Yoshida

It was born in 1944. We are born and raised at 2, Tokiwa, Koutou-ku as daughter of bookstore lasting four generations and establish NPO corporation "court noble Fukagawa" in 2005. We perform plan and public information of business as director, secretary general. We preside over "living Aya life culture cram school" under the theme of "the sum culture to enjoy, harmony time to experience". We play an active part as flower writer and fate counselor.

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