[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome director Hiroshi Enomoto

Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome reaching the opening 30th anniversary in 2018 is totally the jungle in city.
We had Director Enomoto who conveyed wonder and fun of the tropical zone, subtropical flora show plant building.

From field overseer of park landscape gardening to director of plant building.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] About 900 kinds of plants which is subtropical the tropical zone in dome of three Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome director Hiroshi Enomoto
About 900 kinds of plants which is subtropical the tropical zone in three domes

It is plant building of a lot of southern country mood even if we come whenever.
It is healed for that.

 In Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome, we display about 900 kinds of plants of the tropical zone, the subtropical zone in three dome-shaped greenhouses which made tropical rain forest which temperature is high, and is rainy model. There are 35 kinds of endemic species of Ogasawara that is the only tropics in Tokyo, and there is plant called endangered species among them, too.
 It is room temperature management of greenhouse to have a hard time most to maintain tropical climate. To about 20-22 degrees Celsius, we keep humidity 60-70%. As hurt of plant becomes early if it becomes cold, it is part to care about most.

We heard that there was big characteristic for heating of facility.

 Vast energy is necessary to keep room temperature, but provides with heaters of facility by garbage destruction by fire residual heat of next Shin-Koto garbage and sewage plant. This is one of the big characteristics of this hotel. Craze for destruction by fire becomes high warm water of about 120 degrees Celsius and is carried to this hotel and we heat-exchange and take only heat. There is the warm water plumbing around greenhouse and warms up by draining warm water in that.
 Temperature and humidity keep, but there are plant which, meanwhile, grows depending on the four seasons, plant which does not grow throughout the year. We introduce at their best plant in greenhouse.

Originally does Enomoto make a specialty of plant?

 It is 2005 that I came here. Hibiya candy varnish is from time that became designated manager, and we match with Yumenoshima Park, and management runs. We are doing meeting and customer correspondence with the capital other than produce of the whole facility as director from 2010. Hibiya candy varnish was situation that I supervised park construction before and managed, so-called field overseer in landscape gardening engineering works, company which dealt with creation, maintenance of park, wall surface tree planting or the roof tree planting of building mainly.

It was work about plant until now.
When you came here for the first time, what kind of impression did you have?

 Totally the jungle (laugh)! We were overwhelmed for force of plant. It was thicker than now. But when we may not be brought up not place where the jungle was completely sealed as ventilation should be good when we do not give plant some gap. There was story to do like more jungles, but one one plant got well when we talked with former director about and thinned out a little.

From tropical plant which is huge in three domes type greenhouse to endemic species of Ogasawara.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] Waterfall flows through the Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome director Hiroshi Enomoto A Dome, and huge aqueous plant widens leaf
Waterfall flows through the A Dome, and huge aqueous plant widens leaf

What kind of plant do you display in greenhouse?

 Let's actually show around greenhouse. There is not wall in three greenhouses and is doing display to theme each. We enter at entrance, and, in the immediate A Dome, there are pond and waterfall on theme "tropical waterside". Leaf of huge aquatic plant spreads, and tree-related ferns grow thick in the circumference of pond. There are many relatively big plants in the tropical zone. We are referable to climate, but think that there is such an effort in evolution to take even slightly positive light as it grows thick in the jungle.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] When is white in Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome director Hiroshi Enomoto coffee berry, and take in mouth; sweetness and flavor of dim coffee
When is white in coffee berry, and take in mouth; sweetness and flavor of dim coffee

 In B Dome, we display mango and banana, pineapple, cacao, real becoming tree including coffee when we pass through tunnel. Do you know, in fact, what kind of shape it has again how vanilla and cacao bear fruit? As tropical plant has many unexpectedly imminent things, we think that you can enjoy such a discovery. Big tree as it reaches ceiling standing in the center says with "royal palm", and there is approximately 24m. As we die when palm prunes and stops head, we are thinking about other palms and changes of generation bringing up with plant building soon.
 In the last C Dome, Ogasawara and Malagasy plant are the center. Plant which we cannot readily look at including "screw pine" of Ogasawara "oyashi" "Munin Melastoma candidum" is must-see. Ogasawara is about 1,000km, Kyushu and about the same distance from Tokyo if we make distance. Plant of the remote ground is seen accordingly if there are 15 minutes if it is here. Is it not charm of this plant building that can observe from Ogasawara to Africa without going to the world?

It is more fun with plant building at various display and events!

Please tell that you value when Enomoto displays.

 The world that does not exist thinks only plant that there is not. There is culture if there are any plants, too, and there are people, too, and there is sphere of life, and animal is, too. We keep display that crossed something and plant if possible in mind. For example, we performed display that let work and plant of artist fuse with it was the opening by night to perform in winter in the summer. We do not have person who does not know plant at all go to visit plant hall very much. We are glad if we have person who brought purpose unlike plant know that there is the world of hobby called new plant.
 In addition, we think that it is a shame that impaired person cannot enjoy plant building very. We are inspecting how particularly blind person can enjoy plant building.

There are many happy events, too.
As for the event, is with parent and child the center?

 We perform approximately 120 a year events. From thing which we put together in season to flower arrangement classroom, concert, age of participant is wide by event, too. It is event that "Yumenoshima child & adult orchid award" makes orchid of creation with clay clay and displays holding, but will go every year to 6-7 elementary schools of Koto City and Chuo-ku in business trip class at this time. We instruct study to let you mix study to bring up imagination and clay clay four colors and develop. Children learn that they make before time.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] Original menus including "loco Moco" and "spam rice" form a line at Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome director Hiroshi Enomoto cafe corner
Original menus including "loco Moco" and "spam rice" form a line at cafe corner

Finally I would like future ambition and aim.

 Even if Yumenoshima Park has many people coming to play, there are many people who do not know that there is tropical plant building over there. When plant is very interesting, we are glad if we have you are concerned with human being and know that it is deep.
 In fact, there is plant building in Japan more than 100 facilities. Characteristics are different in each, and things laying emphasis on are different. We will think that we can work on raise of the whole industry of plant building in future.
(coverage day: on December 20, 2017)

Koto Who's who in Koto-ku

Tokyo Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome director Hiroshi Enomoto

It was born in 1966. Green and expert of construction who perform management supervision such as creation, maintenance of park with Hibiya candy varnish. It is taken office as director in vice-director, 2010 of Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome in 2005 by designated manager system. Tree that fruits such as vanilla or cacao become favorite tropical plant.

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