[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] 9, Kameido town assembly's chairperson Keizo Tokita

"Kyu-Nakagawa" among rich green is contact space of town
The town assembly head struggling in hydrangea Festival and floating of lanterns

9, Kameido that changed in residential area from factory zone

What kind of town is 9, Kameido?

 It is along northeast, Kyu-Nakagawa of Koto City. Member of town assembly is 2,000 households now. There were Hitachi and Tahara laboratory, ironworks, coke company once in factory zone, too. As transportation by water was the center, factory was built along Kyu-Nakagawa and we loaded thing which it produced onto ship and were carried to each place in old days. However, factory moves in sequence, and apartment is built in the ruins.
 Riverbed of Kyu-Nakagawa was maintained neatly, and humanity bridge "contact bridge" to link Hirai, Edogawa-ku to 9, Kameido in 1994 was completed. This is a chance and performs "Kyu-Nakagawa floating of lanterns" by Hirai district Kameido district combination every year on August 15. In addition, we hold "Kyu-Nakagawa hydrangea Festival" every year in June and do well year by year. Asama Shrine was in town, too and reached enshrining 490 years last year.

Tokita is given birth to, and is the breeding Kameido, too?

 Birth becomes after the war in Tsukishima, Chuo-ku and is 9, Kameido from first grader. Father did work to make wooden box of packing materials. However, because packing materials became corrugated cardboard from wooden box with the times, we did not inherit trace and found a job in Tahara laboratory of water gate door maker which was in town. Tahara Seisakusho made gates such as Tatsumi water gate or Ogibashi Lock Gate with water gate maker founded in 1918 in Koto City. I worked for 30 several years, but there was "de-dam declaration", and we influenced such a thing, and order of water gate decreased, and company has been dissolved in 2005.
 We donated disaster prevention goods to all 1,300 households of 9, Kameido town assembly for 10 million yen to repay kindness of town assembly which was taken care of for many years at the time of dissolution and erected monument in company building ruins along Kyu-Nakagawa. It was greatly taken up in newspaper in those days.
 It was company which was very cooperative with town assembly. There was request that we wanted you to send town assembly officer and I might say in hometown and undertook. We become Manager of town assembly, and it is just nine years in this year, but is concerned with town assembly for approximately 35 years.

Kyu-Nakagawa proud of floating of lanterns, various charm to hydrangea

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] "Kyu-Nakagawa floating of lanterns" which we hold on August 15 in 9, Kameido town assembly's chairperson Keizo Tokita every year. 2,400 lights floated in surface of a river last year
"Kyu-Nakagawa floating of lanterns" which we hold every year on August 15. 2,400 lights floated in surface of a river last year

Kyu-Nakagawa floating of lanterns is very fantastic event.

 We begin floating of lanterns in this year, and, by event to mourn for victim of Tokyo blitzkrieg of March 10, 1945, it is 20 years. We perform with Hirai, Edogawa-ku, but event to perform with other wards may be rare.
 3,000 people died by Tokyo blitzkrieg in Kyu-Nakagawa, too. In most, 9, Kameido was not burnt concerning the direction of the wind in various places of Hirai. There is suggestion, and Hirai east self-government chairperson will say whether you do not perform floating of lanterns together because it is inhabitants catching Kyu-Nakagawa to help. It is one of the characteristics that performs regardless of religion in private enterprise from those days.
 We jointly hold ceremony, but floating of lanterns breaks up on the Kameido side and the Hirai side of Kyu-Nakagawa and performs. We have participant purchase one sectional garden lantern for 500 yen, and each draws favorite words and picture on garden lantern, and the Kameido side drains from under "contact Bridge".

Is hydrangea of "Kyu-Nakagawa hydrangea Festival" thing which we planted in town assembly?

 In the former riverbed, weeds just grew thick, and there was nothing. Therefore, with Manager of town assembly of southern town assembly and 8, Kameido town assembly of neighborhood in northern 7, Kameido, we ask Takaaki Yamazaki Mayor Eto saying "we want you to plant hydrangea in riverbed". The head of a ward came to riverbed immediately and walked riverbed with us. Then the head of a ward was thing, "it was good, but management would like that we planted in town assembly". We thought that management was easy then because we did not know a lot about plant, but this management was great (laugh).
 And Koto City planted 1,800 hydrangeas including Annabell and Hydrangea macrophylla from North America, mountain hydrangea, Western hydrangea in March, 2013. Management gathers by volunteer, and 76 people are performing the pruning work, sprinkling work commencing with sloppy mowing twice a month now through one year. There is joy that had you plant hydrangea and starts "Kyu-Nakagawa hydrangea Festival" in June of the year.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] "Koto City canal one round Cruise" who is popular for 9, Kameido town assembly's chairperson Keizo Tokita "Kyu-Nakagawa hydrangea Festival" "
"Koto City canal one round Cruise" who is popular for "Kyu-Nakagawa hydrangea Festival" "

By "Kyu-Nakagawa hydrangea Festival", what kind of event do you hold?

 It navigates "Koto City canal one round Cruise" in canoe experience to be able to enjoy from adult to child by cooperation of "Kameido canoe making a great deal of paces club" and Kameido Central Park disaster prevention anchorage. We can go around ten ken of north side, Yokojikken River, Onagigawa River, Kyu-Nakagawa in about one hour, and all night Cruise seven flights navigate in the daytime, but it is since the last prosperity that becomes all full every year. In addition, child society and neighborhood town assembly of our town assembly give stands such as Yakisoba, Frankfurt, deep-fried chicken, snow cone and heap up.
 It have me please with everybody to think that what we hold was good and is to have you know Kyu-Nakagawa well. As there is Kyu-Nakagawa in the edge of Koto City, there seem to be many people who do not know well, and there is inquiry of access to venue before festival plenty.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] 9, Kameido town assembly's chairperson Keizo Tokita "contact bridge" is made in Tahara laboratory which Tokita served. "Must-see as for the various light-ups to event carried out in Kyu-Nakagawa
"Contact bridge" is made in Tahara laboratory which Tokita served. "Must-see as for the various light-ups to event carried out in Kyu-Nakagawa

Kyu-Nakagawa is very attractive place.

 As there is not fence separating riverbed from river, it is like opening, and river is felt very near. Most of rivers in ward are concrete building a breakwater, but are soil here. We think that we are endowed in such an aspect. As flow is calm, we can enjoy recreation of waterside including canoe.
 But Ogibashi Lock Gate of Arakawa Rock Gate and Onagigawa River linking Kyu-Nakagawa to Arakawa contributes to this calm scenery. When it was said that I was brought up in Kyu-Nakagawa, it was strange, but went to swim well since childhood. As water was pure, there was a lot of fish and eels herded and might swim in old days.
 Old average riverside is appointed in Kameido scenery emphasis district of Koto City and is wonderful scenery that I see the Skytree very well now. In addition, light-up of "contact bridge" colors bridge by various illuminations. As we set up 22 LED lights between "contact bridge" and "Shinbashi, Koto" in this spring, we think that we have you enjoy night view in the above so far.
(February 20, 2018 coverage)

Koto Who's who in Koto-ku

9, Kameido town assembly's chairperson Keizo Tokita

It was born in 1939. In Tsukishima, Chuo-ku from birth, postwar period to 9, Kameido, Koutou-ku. We work in Tahara laboratory which was in the town after school graduation until 2005. We take office as Manager of 9, Kameido town assembly from 2009. Association of Kameido town assembly town assembly's vice-chairperson, meeting's vice-chairperson of Kameido scenery town planning serve, too.