[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] Meeting's chairperson Kazue Iwabuchi of Koto City culture tour guide

We will pay attention to Shibusawa Eiichi in future!
Guide who is in the front line reporting charm of Koto City

From history enthusiast to way of tour guide

Meeting of Koto City culture tour guide seems to become the tenth anniversary soon.

 As we founded in 2011, it will become the tenth anniversary next year. About 120 guides are showing people about 3,000 a year around tourist attractions of Koto City during achievement now. As it is Koto City official recognition guide, we attend the predetermined training course, and only person who completed works as guide, but more than ten completion student is going to become member in this April.
 We show 12 course by reservation in meeting (free) and perform event tours to event holding in ward. Guide is always resident in "Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum" in Monzennakacho and we wait in the precincts of "Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine" on Saturday and Sunday and guide neighboring areas.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] Iwabuchi who explains history of sightseeing base "Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum" in meeting's chairperson Kazue Iwabuchi Nakacho, Monzen, Koto-ku of Koto City culture tour guide.
Iwabuchi who explains history of sightseeing base "Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Museum" in Nakacho, Monzen, Koto-ku.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] "The business trip-cho walk information desk" that is performed to event in meeting's chairperson Kazue Iwabuchi ward of Koto City culture tour guide.
"The business trip town walk information desk" that is performed to event in ward.

Does Iwabuchi like history?

 It is 17-18 years in guide career, but volunteer in hall of Edo Tokyo Museum does from Koto City culture volunteer guide that I become forerunner of this meeting equally for the first time, too.
 Originally we were interested in medieval history and studied by self-education. As Koto City wanted to know opportunity that we guided in Koto City when we moved in to Koto City 19 years ago, we participated in cultural properties protection promotion class that Board of Education hosted by the advice of friend. While you study with everybody, become more fun.
 We wrote in article that we advanced to intermediate via the beginner's class, but studied Shina Mitsui (calligrapher who is in the middle in Fukagawa in the Edo era with connection) whom even Koto City was not known to too much with friend in those days. We form voluntary study group "meeting succeeding to history and culture of Koto City" with friend of this time and continue still publishing the results of our research once a year.

Make use of knowledge that you checked by oneself in guide

Is knowledge of history helpful in guiding?

 Well, after all, which "we did not know that" is glad from customer when "it was good to come" or has such words. We are assigned to guide happiness. As Koto City becomes burnt field by the Great Kanto Earthquake and Tokyo blitzkrieg twice, it is monument that remains. Therefore we feel worth doing if what we checked by oneself is helpful.
 There was customer who said the other day when we guided saying "guide, all the explanation do not talk in episode". In brief, as, as for the rough outline, it is revealed that we have a hard time in the present world if we perform in the spot, and search by smartphone. Is request only in episode that does not appear to textbook understandable place in such an aspect?

Did you guide all in episode?

 Though all were indeed impossible; 70% (laugh).
Guide does not have manual and gets content to speak to each person. Therefore we cannot miss study every day and do not acquire knowledge when it is not thing which we checked by oneself. It is thing which wants to talk about all the knowledge so as to study, but I squeeze at point that is important if possible and slim contents. As when it is trifling and guides, customer gets tired, too.
 In addition, we change guide contents by age group of customer and cope with adaptation to circumstances.

We want to make new course of Shibusawa Eiichi and public art

Koto City has many seaside part and highlight Fukagawa, Kameido. Do you cover all?

 Of course because it is whole Koto City. Area of Koto City is greatly distributed between three and is Joto Area that there is much tradition including Kameido, Fukagawa Area which developed mainly on Onagigawa River after Edo and seaside part letting near future feel.
 Charm of the whole Koto City should be conveyed, but, after all, Fukagawa Area and seaside part attract attention. Plan event tour for "plum festival" of Kameido Tenjinsha Shrine in total to have turn more feet to attractive Kameido, and "wait, and walk, and distribute 2,000-3,000 pieces of flyers of tour" to the next callers in front of JR "Kameido Station", and perform information for tourist attraction regularly, but still more.
 Kameido has Katorijinja Shrine with history, too and, as for the Kameido Tenjinsha Shrine, can enjoy flower seasonally. There is customer who comes in repeaters when Kyu-Nakagawa guides by scenery full of nature not to be readily seen in Tokyo.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] We perform "town walk tour" and guidance of tourist attraction regularly at meeting's chairperson Kazue Iwabuchi JR Kameido Station of Koto City culture tour guide.
We perform "town walk tour" and guidance of tourist attraction regularly at JR Kameido Station.

After all, is it Toyosu Market that is popular for seaside part?

 Well, there are "Toyosu Rinkai Area course" and "Toyosu Market guidance course" in free guide needing reservations. We are surprised, and trace at the time that was heavy industrial district of postwar reconstruction remains commencing with shipbuilding if we walk downtown, and, in where you came to from area without the sea, history of Harumi Wharf and Toyosu Wharf introduces, "there was such a place in Tokyo" together in Tokyo Bay to look at from Toyosu Market, too.
 As seaside department is large, we intend to guide in ship from now on. As guide must do change of generation, we are going to train guide in ship led by young person. There is rare lock in river of Koto City.

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] Toyosu Market which is popular for guide course of meeting's chairperson Kazue Iwabuchi standard of Koto City culture tour guide.
Toyosu Market which is popular for standard guide course.

Will there be spot that wants to pay attention in future?

 Shimizu Construction innovation center opens in front of JR Keiyo Line "Shiomi Station" in 2022. "Old Shibusawa's house" of Shibusawa Eiichi which there was there in Eitai, Koutou-ku comes back from Rokunohe-machi, Aomori of removing and rebuilding. Shibusawa Eiichi is famous as father of capitalism, but serves to Fukagawa member of a ward assembly in people related to Koto City. We cannot miss this because it is face of bill that it is main character of Taiga Drama Series of 2021, and is new. As there are few old buildings in ward, building of the removed and rebuilt Meiji era thinks that it is to valuable resources for seeing the sights historically. The plan people in charge of meeting of guide are thinking about courses hard to make new course before removing and rebuilding are completed.
 In addition, as for about 80, "machinaka art" including statue and stone statue called public art scatters in ward. We are going to make this guide course so far as we did not start at all.
 We said some time ago, but want to send charm of Koto City through guide more and more in future. As there is charm by all means if we find out.
(February 12, 2020 coverage)

[Koto Who's who in Koto-ku] "Eiichi Shibusawa Residence Site" at meeting's chairperson Kazue Iwabuchi 2, Eitai, Koutou-ku of Koto City culture tour guide. It was decided that we went home in Shiomi, Koto-ku in 2022.
"Eiichi Shibusawa Residence Site" at 2, Eitai, Koutou-ku. It was decided that we went home in Shiomi, Koto-ku in 2022.

Meeting's chairperson Kazue Iwabuchi of Koto City culture tour guide
1948 birth, Koto City residence.
We take office as meeting's chairperson of Koto City culture tour guide from 2019.
In addition, member of meeting succeeding to Edo Tokyo museum display guide volunteer, history and culture of Koto City.

"Town walk tour" of Koto City culture tour guide