Captain at Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry, Tatsuaki Oba, guide, Yumiko Ikegami

Captain at Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry, Tatsuaki Oba, guide, Yumiko Ikegami

We are excited at spray very much! We want to convey charm to be able to taste simply because it is the sky duck.

Is the sky duck vehicle of what kind of characteristic?

Daiba (captain): It is the Tokyo's first "amphibious bus" which began service in March, 2013. At about 12m in total length, about 4m in height, include crew, and 34 people can get on. It travels with 2 course of <Tokyo Skytree course> which assumes new famous place "Kameido Umeyashiki" which reproduced premises with an ume garden which there was in the Edo era pier <Kameido course> and assumes the Tokyo Skytree pier.
Note) <Kameido course> finished service. As of H28.3.18
We pile up car and two engines of ship, and two kinds of large licenses (the land) and first class small ship operation license (the water) are necessary to run. We took license of ship newly, and I of driver of sightseeing bus became captain of the sky duck after severe steerage training, too. Still, become sightseeing bus driver; and ten years. We did not think that we would steer ship actually.
Ikegami (guide): Indeed to guide me on ship (laugh). Besides, the sky duck does not have window! Scenery is seen vividly by just that much, and flavor of flower and the tide is felt directly. Expectation degree of everybody is very high, too and is vehicle worthwhile as guide.

How is ride comfort? Is normal bus very different thing?

Ikegami: We can taste comfortable cruising let alone in the water because it is ship while quaking. It is fun in the land. As for the sky duck, seat splashes than common sightseeing bus (air suspension adoption) for suspension of board spring type resisting water. If compare, electric massage chair! It is ride comfort that we cannot experience in fun, comfortable normal bass.
Also, we wave hand each other with passersby and say hello with "hello ..." as attention degree is outstanding and. Vehicle that the sky duck runs while taking town and communication. Such a place is very fun, too.
Daiba: The sky duck is totally different from conventional bus. We want to think that it is adventure and to get on without thinking that it is bus. Oneself becomes main character of adventure, and please enjoy pleasant ride comfort at the full blast!

By service of the sky duck, what kind of thing do you keep in mind?

Daiba: After all, it is Safety First. As there is not niceness without security. Besides it is the water. There is few danger on the land, too. If wind blows, wave rises, too, and of the tide rise, and even pull is different in navigation of ship. And the sky duck has very high vehicle height, and it is good vehicle of view, but it is possible for blind spot for customer very much in diagonally forward left when from driver's seat. Therefore another captain always rides with passenger seat and supports safe confirmation. We drive carefully more than common bus.
Ikegami: Only by the sky duck coherent to this town as for me keep in mind to be able to guide. Therefore we always gather information of Koto City with own foot on foot on holiday. It is pleased to tell local person about unexpected information to be surprised at very much and may say that we came to like this area more.

What kind of place is maximum recommended point?

Ikegami: After all, it is moment to make splashing in water. Shock as I have closed my eyes in beginning. It is right attraction sense of amusement park. Moment to enter water with customer of "3, 2, 1, sukaida - kku ‼" hang, and say. We are united with everybody and are outstandingly fun even if excitement to have dive in water gets on when throughout the year in the four season.
Daiba: We let everybody scream by accelerator fully opening at moment when I enter water (laugh).

Inhabitants local as for the Koto City and town where waterside becomes one. We want to heap up more and yet more.

Please tell about charm of Koto City.

Daiba: It is place where it is waterside and coexisting town. Japanese-style ship with Edo atmosphere reaches when we appear to waterside, and people enjoying goby fishing reach and can meet scene only in this town. It is said that we value waterside, or waterside becomes one with local inhabitants. Besides, there is not; think that is attractive. Also, after all, in the waterside, heart calms down. Oh, yes. You may invite children of kindergarten and nursery school of Koto City to the sky duck, but present the sky duck which children made with paper at the first opportunity to me. As we got gold medal, we were really glad.
Ikegami: It is evidence loved in Koto City having the sky duck with waterside.

Please tell me ambition in the future and message to everybody.

Ikegami: Captain wears costume of ninja to be able to enjoy to customer like more attractions, and guide wants to provide guidance shitemitarinado, new way of enjoying in kimono for wind in the Edo era, too. Place where it is wonderful that both the old and the new are attractive although we do not change forever that Tokyo changes newly. We want to introduce charm of such Tokyo on tour more and yet more. In the sky ducks, please come across new charm of Tokyo!
Daiba: We extend route a little more in the future and want to appear to the sea in the sky ducks. We want to show various places to customer. How you would spend to customer happily in person as we love trip if we do and are always thinking. We still start and want to take good care more and more as it is one year. We heap up!
(coverage day: on March 7, 2014)

Koto Who's who in Koto-ku

Captain at Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry, Tatsuaki Oba

Tatsuaki Oba (aunt, passing autumn)
Turn into "bus driver who had a crush on since primary schoolchild" from driver of tanker; and ten years. We acquire license of ship at the very beginning in company (Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry). Captain who runs for arm and disposition to be able to enjoy to in Safety First and customer.

Koto Who's who in Koto-ku

Japanese flag car encouragement of new industry guide, Yumiko Ikegami

Yumiko Ikegami (ikegami, yumiko)
It is opportunity that entered on this way that we were moved with figure of bus guide loving hometown in Okinawa that we went by school excursion of high school. Bus guide career nine years. We want to convey charm of favorite Tokyo and are boarding the sky duck and the sky bus today.