Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo business promotion section plan chief curator Hiroko Kato

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo business promotion section plan chief curator Hiroko Kato

From introduction of world new talent to participation type plan exhibition.
Adult is a person that we are more immediate by contemporary art by wide display that child can enjoy, too.

Shooting Norihiro Ueno

What kind of art museum is Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo?

Contemporary art that opened in the north district of metropolitan Kiba Park in 1995 (Heisei 7) is specialized public art museum. For range of contemporary art to handle in this hotel, thing that is postwar art made after 1945 (Showa 20) becomes main. We reach the opening 20th anniversary on March 18 of (2015), and various commemorative events are held sequentially next year for one year from this March.

What kind of exhibition is held?

One of the pillars is permanent construction display "MOT collection". MOT (motte) is abbreviation of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and, mainly on store product of about 4,700 points, sets theme and introduces charm of postwar period, contemporary art. Permanent exhibition has many art museums where display contents do not turn into, but we perform display substitute at constant frequency in this hotel, and going to visit many times comes. The second pillar is plan exhibition. Held plan exhibition "MOT anyuaru" is exhibition to introduce trend of contemporary art by Japanese young person writers to by group exhibition performed from 1999 now. We performed private exhibition of writer who was not able to see work in a mass in Japan positively so far while being known to the world widely like artist "Francis Alice exhibition" (2013) living in contemporary art writer "Thomas demand exhibition" (2012), Mexico of Germany. We think that it is one of the roles of this hotel to introduce such a world talent in Japan.

Kana Yoshida display scenery
Shooting: Eiji Ina

We think that there is person with image that it seems to be difficult when we say "contemporary art". What kind of person can come?

Of course a lot of people who are not so come to person who is interested in art. Particularly, we perform exhibition to be able to enjoy in parent and child every year in summer and have you enjoy in a large number of various places. For example, it actually touched so that child could get close to work freely with exhibition held in 2013 was "ghost and underwear and star state", and we played, and there was. We chose cloth, false mustache which were able to hang on wall and wore, and there was corner where we could transform ourselves into and had you enjoy in whole family. At corner that could produce original clothes, figure which father and mother were absorbed in only rather than child was seen.

Than summer workshop "scarecrow of ghost and scarecrow of underwear"
Shooting: Takehiro Goto

Plan that parent and child with child can enjoy together is wonderful attempt.

There is small child, and there is a lot of where we cannot readily go to visit even if we want to go to art museum. Generally, it is art museum, and it is not easy for that there is rule "that which "we do not touch" is not excited" about, and which "we do not run" protects that for small child. Many people would be satisfied with person with child as exhibition which could feel relieved in this sense.

Is exhibition for families planned this summer?

Of course. We prepare for exhibition of product for summer vacation to be able to enjoy in families. Season when there are many festival or fireworks festivals in the summer and wants to go out. Please go to visit art museum by all means by all means.

As for the plan display only by Koto City that traditional culture breathes.
We want to value cooperation with local people including participation in home delivery of cooked foods class and festival to school in the neighborhood.

The word "festival" was given, but, commencing with "the Fukagawa Hachiman Festival" counted among one of Edo three big festivals, many festivals are performed, and Koto City is known as area that is continuing protecting traditional culture now. Will there be exhibitions like art museum located in the Koto City?

This hotel is facility of the capital and is located in breathing Koto City of traditional culture. Therefore we greeted Mansai Nomura of Noh comedian to general adviser and progressed to hold exhibition by collaboration with art from traditional arts in various physical expression and performances and present age for the present age this autumn.

Is approach that cooperated with hometown carried out?

We think cooperation with local people to be important. Writer who exhibited for plan exhibition visited neighboring elementary school and has performed attempt to make work with students. In addition, there was resting place for a portable shrine (otabisho: rest station) of omikoshi at the time of Fukagawa Hachiman Festival, and us Museum staff sprinkled water to omikoshi with bucket, too. We moved work that and were hard to say toha (laugh), and, including vice-director, all swelled very much. With local people, we think that art museum should be able to further develop.

Is there activity working on as well as exhibition?

By the education spread program, we perform various workshops and hold art appreciation tours for artist talk and lecture, child and parent and child in art museum. In addition, "home delivery of cooked foods class" that artist teaches at school is popular. Besides, we have teacher and student visit from the Koto City and school in Tokyo and have you experience art appreciation. When it was left for Tokyo school excursion students, it is not rarely dropped in at this hotel. By "MOT collection" exhibition, we perform commentary by the volunteer guide staff every day. If neighborhood is plain in glance of general customer, explanation by volunteer who is craze for study feeling in art enthusiasts is reputation.

Other than exhibition hall, is there recommendation as Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo?

Including original goods and catalogue in conjunction with exhibition, various lineups not to be able to readily see are attractive elsewhere, and museum shop is recommended when we hesitated about selection of present. In addition, let alone taste, restaurant and cafe that time goes by relaxedly are reputation. Furthermore, we are proud of art library room with about 200,000 books and magazines about art, too. We check artist who was interested at exhibition, and string removes history of art and. You can read free, and please use casually as the collection of books search is possible from website.

Please let know ambition in the future and message to all of you.

Contemporary art is not difficult. At first, please go to visit once. It is charm of art that there being may taste knowledge such as backbones of history of art and writer deeply, but can enjoy without back ground. Come if there are any even slightly interesting events with website or poster, flyer casually on seeing schedule of exhibition.
(coverage day: on March 12, 2014)

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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo business promotion section plan chief curator, Hiroko Kato

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo business promotion section plan chief curator
Since opening of Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, we are in charge of many plans exhibition, event as curator. We collect information of cafe around the art museum and shop now and are going to make "delicious thing" which served as hobby and the actual profit map. As for using museum shop of the hall for selection of present.