Miraikan-The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation display plan Development Section's section manager Mahoro Uchida

Miraikan-The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation display plan Development Section's section manager Mahoro Uchida

Science in culture.
――We let the tip technology make art and design and collaboration and introduce.

Geo-Cosmos (geo-cosmos)

What kind of facility is Miraikan-The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation?

It is the national Hall of Science which opened "science as o concept to director in astronaut, Mamoru Mori in culture" in 2001. We fully introduce the Japanese tip technology.
It is place that can think about the future while touching technology by display and demonstration that there is not only for non-visit including world's first earth display "Geo-Cosmos" (geo-cosmos) projecting figure of the earth which we saw from space covered with organic electroluminescence panel of next-generation technique beautifully happily.

What kind of work does Uchida do specifically?

My job is plan produce of display and event of non-visit. We are engaged in permanent construction display, dome theater, plan exhibition, most activities of non-visit including event.
It is that permanent exhibition changes to be characteristic by display of non-visit. Generally, theme that permanent exhibition of museum does not change very much, but the tip technology is the most important in the case of non-visit. As the tip of this year changes more and more not the tip of the next year, 1-2 places turn into permanent exhibition every year. As only plan exhibition does not change, we want to tell that customer to "be already good because we went once" is saying, "no, it is fresh and can enjoy even if we have you come every year" (laugh).

We seem to be popular recently as place for dating.

So. In fact, is it me that set? (laugh). Originally, as for before non-visit, I performed plans of exhibition in specialists in art and design in art museum and gallery. Role to right connect "science with culture" as for the role by non-visit of such me. After setting plan exhibition to connect romance and science, time and science, sports and science with, and designing sofa that there were two and lay down, and "Geo-Cosmos" (geo-cosmos) was looked up at, and having had you sense space bodily in dome theater, light meal and drink made "miraikankafe" to be able to enjoy in unique interior. It is very wonderful to mention technology of the tip, and to think about the future by couple. We come for non-visit on date, and married couple comes. We were surprised to understand that there was human being whom we proposed to recently after having dated by non-visit to our staff.

As for plan exhibition "THE world one exhibition" held (from December 7, 2013 to May 6, 2014), it is swelling now

Thank you. In fact, "THE world one exhibition" is "Japan exhibition". We wanted to tell and planned that mind or mind of "hospitality" to think, "we want to be full of" cultivated during rich, hard climate and history in Japan were connected for advanced manufacturing. We introduce 200 points or more items by various presentation we sail up history of manufacturing of Japan until removal of a shrine in year of anniversary of Ise Grand Shrine, and what kind of product and technique modern Japanese company sends towards the world.
In addition, it is one of it wanting to tell in this exhibition that a lot of surprising industry of 100% of world shares is in Japan. For example, single-lens reflex camera is so. In fact, eyes capturing world movement are made in Japan. The making of world's smallest parts is so, too. For example, precise parts are necessary to make hybrid car which Japan is proud of. It is the Japanese real ability that we make thing needing such an extremely high technique with people who are within striking distance, and can put away. Can fully mention strength of manufacturing that came from Japanese culture, therefore is "Japan exhibition". "Treasure" that Japanese technology can be proud that Japanese are Japanese. To person looking at, we think that it is treasure and will want you to see much number one only one in display venue from now on.

Koto City, Rinkai Area with non-visit is advanced area of Tokyo.
It is full of new charm that continues changing.

Is charm of Koto City thought to be what kind of place?

In Koto City, we think Rinkai Area with non-visit to be area that can feel the future of Tokyo. It is decided that development advances more and more in future, and, in low birthrate and aging, population increases, too and, for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, overflows in vigor.
Above all, non-visit is spot where is popular from overseas. It is the thirteenth place at "Japanese popularity spot 20 that foreigner judged to be cool" of trip adviser. At the time of the opening, it may be figure which Japan which overseas people want to see because the ratio of overseas customer who was around 5% is nearly 15% now is "the tip", and continues doing "change".
Change lets free space for child children open by non-visit newly in this June. Originally display contents were difficult for child that primary schoolchildren were or less, and some said that it was not revealed as it was the Hall of Science prepared junior high student into as main target. There is that children living in hometown increased in the background and delivers free of charge space where child and mothers living in Koto City can come to casually. Please come to play.

Please tell me ambition in the future and message to everybody.

As for me, non-visit loves the current work too of non-visit, too.
The reason is because we feel thing which people making technology in tip introducing to everybody, people make with non-visit saying "it is beautiful". We pray everybody that the skill to be full of intelligence and exactness of person challenging to limit wants "beauty" of various things to be able to meet by non-visit to feel.
Furthermore, I like Tokyo and love Japan. Historic thing is mixed that the reason is advanced in Japan, and this is because, moreover, there is world thing which is defeated nowhere, and is worth being beautiful to dainty food, pop culture a lot. We come for non-visit and, to everybody, think that more intellect can feel Japan in pride.
Thanks to you, the number of the visitors of non-visit grew year by year from 600,000 first year, and the number of the annual visitors exceeded 1 million in 2010. We want to do from now on in place that can regard the future as everybody while connecting science and culture. Therefore as set unconventional plan, in fun. By couple, we touch the tip and, in families, think about the future. Please come by dream and pleasure to full non-visit!
(coverage day: on March 12, 2014)

Koto Who's who in Koto-ku

Miraikan-The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation display plan Development Section's section manager, Mahoro Uchida

Mahoro Uchida (house mahoro)
We are in charge of plan produce of display and event in Miraikan-The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation from 2002. We set intellectual, aesthetic plan to connect art and design and science with in sequence and make the tip technology immediate. Ambition small everyone coming to say, "non-visit was the Hall of Science in the near future if we say so."