Secretary General of meeting of Japanese-style ship friend, Akihiro Nemoto

Secretary General of meeting of Japanese-style ship friend, Akihiro Nemoto

Japanese-style ship to advance at unhurried speed than we walk.
From unusual glance, we can enjoy fresh scenery.

What kind of thing is Japanese-style boat?

Japanese-style ship is wooden vessel handed down to Japan for a long time. We advance over water without using power such as engines as boatman rows with oar (ro) mainly. Was the main force to carry supplies and person until the Edo era; even if untie, is not exaggeration.
It is traditional culture only by Koto City that there are many rivers.

Is reading good in "wasen" not "wabune?"

There may be person who pronounces "wabune", but thinks whether it is common to read with "wasen". We call "wasen", too.

When is meeting Nemoto of "Japanese-style ship?"

It gets to know the chairperson of meeting of Japanese-style ship friend by chance, and it is opportunity that it was called out.
We were invited when we could get on Japanese-style boat and brought ourselves to want to row by oneself while we had you pick up several times, and we received certification examination, and it was to boatman. Although it is not sailor, my father hits cast net around Imai Bridge of Kyu-Edogawa, and it has caught fish, and originally it may be one of the reasons that felt river and ship close.

Is qualification necessary to become boatman?

There is authorized examination and does not leave to boatman if we do not pass. Flow is slow, and place rowing Japanese-style boat does not say fast flowing stream, but some techniques and knowledge, sense of responsibility are necessary because they keep life of customer.

For Nemoto, what is charm of Japanese-style ship?

Japanese-style ship does not have power such as engines, and there is not sail catching wind. Boatman steers with one oar, and, with Japanese-style boat which we row, speed is around 2km per an hour. Generally, there is only half as the speed to walk is said to be 4km per an hour. As we advance leisurely relaxedly, we can usually feel time of different healing. In addition, glance is low and can enjoy scenery that was unusual in this sense as customer sits down and gets on.

Unique boatman plays an active part in meeting of Japanese-style ship friend.
Is fun simply because enjoy oneself; can guide.

How does customer who can come to get on Japanese-style boat have more saying?

It ranges from elderly person to young, child. Let alone the Koto City, you come to come from each places of the whole country. Regardless of home and abroad, there are many forthcoming people by school excursion, too. As Japanese-style ship is Japan's original culture, foreigner is pleased very much. Very famous musician and actor sometimes comes and may be surprised.

We are supported widely. Then what kind of person comes to "meeting of Japanese-style ship friend?"

Member of "meeting of Japanese-style ship friend" which started in 1995 (Heisei 7) is about 70 people from 10 years old to 98 years old now. We hand down watermanship and are active only in people possessed in charm of everybody Japanese-style ship to have many people enjoy Japanese-style ship.
The youngest 10-year-old boatman is boy of primary schoolchild, but we pass authorized examination and get on Japanese-style ship many times. It is already excellent boatman.

Does Sendo of woman come, too?

Yes, of course. There are eight women now. We want to get on Japanese-style boat called skiff (chokibune) coming out to period novel "ogre flat criminal record", and enrolled in is among them. As skiff had a sharp front of ship like tusk of wild boar, it was named so. Because Matsuo Basho goes on a trip of "Oku no Hosomichi", from Fukagawa to Senju, Okawa (the Sumida River) is said in skiff as we went north.

On working as boatman particularly you may be conscious.

Student of elementary school nearby has come in boarding experience. Voice echoes under bridge when we have, "wow", children speak when we pass through bridge. As that was interesting, we were pleased very much.
In addition, to children getting on Japanese-style boat "Japanese-style ship came and went in the Edo era, but there is one thing which is the same as that time. Do think that is anything?; with when ask a question, speak of all various answers. Last "answer look up. We were delighted when we said, it is empty while saying "naanda".
For children, it seems to be very stimulating to get on Japanese-style boat, and this becomes fun for the reaction, too.

Please let know message to people who are thinking to come to get on ambition and Japanese-style boat in the future.

Time goes by relaxedly when we get on Japanese-style boat. As Japanese-style ship without engine is really quiet, we hear sound of water which oar and ship berio beat, sound of the circumference including voice of chicken well. Water of the Yokojikken River is clear, and trees and flowers change with season, and wild birds such as karugamo, cormorant (u) are seen, too. In addition, in this neighborhood, there are goby and striped mullet, jellyfish as seawater is mixed.
Passage fare is free. Please come to enjoy trip of Japanese-style ship that blissful time spreads in slowly by all means. In addition, person with interest come to oar row experience by all means as it always recruits Sendo.
(coverage day: on March 13, 2014)

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Secretary General of meeting of Japanese-style ship friend, Akihiro Nemoto

Akihiro Nemoto (root, Akihiro)
Secretary general of meeting of Japanese-style ship friend
It is called out by the chairperson of meeting of Japanese-style ship friend, and meeting of Japanese-style ship friend participates after retirement. We count six years from the enrollment and are working as secretary general now. In addition, we make use of experience that we made garden guide of metropolitan Kiyosumi Gardens and play an active part as Koto City culture tour guide introducing charm of Koto City.