Koto Mizube Rokkei

Koto Mizube Rokkei

Koto City has river and canal of 19 in big things and small things. We introduce special spot that we cannot readily look at in that in other areas. Please enjoy scenery only by city of attractive waters, Koto City. 

List of sightseeing theme spots

1. Onagigawa River Clover-kyo Bridge (onagigawakurobakyo)

Onagigawa River Clover-kyo Bridge

Onagigawa River Clover-kyo Bridge bound 4 districts of Sarue, Ojima, Kitasuna, Ogibashi together at Onagigawa River and junction of the Yokojikken River, and significance as Landmark which could provide comfortable life and interchange of person and culture in community was planned as deep bridge. Completion is bridge for exclusive use of walker and bicycle in (1994) December in 1994. Four-leaf clover is drawn in the middle of bridge and is often used as location.

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2. Former Nakagawa river station (rapid Kagawa, river we obtain and come)

Former Nakagawa river station

River station was established as turnout base of new waterside at Kyu-Nakagawa and join with Onagigawa River in (2013) March in 2013. Slope for amphibious bus becoming first among Tokyo to be launched in river is maintained, and it is imminent and can see figure of amphibious bus jumping into river like a brick, and there is turnout facility where even hand-worked fishing boat crewman anchorage, anyone can drop in at.

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3. Arakawa Rock Gate (arakawarokkugeto)

Arakawa Rock Gate

On the rocks gate (= lock) is facility to go back and forth in river of different two of water level, such as "elevator" function. Water level differences between Arakawa and Kyu-Nakagawa became than up to 3m, but came to be able to find the water traffic to "Koto delta zone" caught in Arakawa and the Sumida River from both directions by Arakawa Rock Gate having been completed. In this way, transportation such as relief supplies or restoration material at the time of disaster, support of disaster restoration activity including rescue of victim were enabled.

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4. Ogibashi Lock Gate (we chase)

Ogibashi Lock Gate

Of Onagigawa River (onagigawa) flowing through Koto triangle zone to east and west as for the Ogibashi Lock Gate is almost located in the center. We enable navigation of ship by letting water level of "mini-Panama Canal" and waterway called *shitsu (koushitsu) caught in two water gates (front door and rear door) in facility where it may be said with river varying in water level as navigation possibility fluctuate artificially. 

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5. Shinsuna water gate (shinsunasuimon)

Shinsuna water gate

It is water gate of width 23.4m installed in (1976) in doorway of Sunamachi canal connected to the mouth of Arakawa part in 1976. It is made with form called sector gate, and two pieces of Ougi type gate swings on the fulcrum at the root.

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6. Toyosu Canal Water Police Box

Toyosu Canal Water Police Box

The aquatic Police Box is a unique spot where Toyosu Canal, Tatsumi Canal, Shinonome Canal, Shinonome-kita Canal, and Shinonome-higashi Canal cross.

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